Artists' Television Access

Artists’ Television (ATV)

Sundays at Midnight, Cable Channel 29

Artists’ Television Access has a television program A.T.V that screens local and international experimental video and film and sound works on a first come first served basis every Sunday night at midnight.

A.T.V Producers are Kent Howie and Dayv Jones

Our program is 28-30 minutes long and if anyone wants to produce work for our show please make your work less then twenty-six minutes long.

“Mind if I use that portable keyhole?” –Cora in Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window

“Whatever is refused in the symbolic order, in the sense of rejection reappears in the real.” –Jacques Lacan, Book III , The Psychoses,

“Whispered voiceover in parentheses: ( Look into the camera… we see you, we see you.) ( Who’s there ? Who’s there?) […] He feels in control(camera) for the first time(he is the camera). The camera cuts to a floating, circling shot above the bed. He lays there on the covers(early  American]; a fluorescent pillow rings his head (halo). His young frame folds together now into a fetal position[…] ” –Tony Oursler, White Ttrash

To be “outside” is to be in the image, to be seen, whether in the press photograph, a magazine, a movie, on television, on at your window. –Beatriz Colomina


Submit your S-VHS, VHS tapes and dvds to:

c/o dayv or .rk howie
992 Valencia St.
San Francisco, CA 94110

Submissions should be under 26 minutes in length (longer works will be broken up over 2 weeks.) Include artist’s name, address, phone, title, and total running time.

ATV is co-produced by day v jones, and .rk howie.