Artists' Television Access

Gallery and Window

The ATA Gallery presents monthly exhibitions of installation, time-based and noncommercial art by SF Bay Area artists.

Front Window

ATA maintains a display space in the storefront window to the left of its front door. The window to the right of the door is utilized by an independent artist’s collective, Right Window.

The window is curated and maintained by Tessa Siddle & Ariel Zaccheo. For queries, please contact [email protected].

The ATA window is currently accepting proposals sent to the above email address.

You can receive updates of events happening in the window by becoming a fan on Facebook, or by sending an email to the above address to join the mailing list.

Main Gallery
The main gallery shares space with the video/film screening area. We are looking for large format work (photos, prints, drawings, paintings, collages) that can easily be seen from a short distance, as it will be displayed above seating in the screening area.

All exhibits run for one month.

Please send a short description of your work, 3-5 examples (slides, photos, DVD, VHS, mini-DV, digital files), and a proposal to curator alex cruse at [email protected]