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Multivrs Art Opening Films “Triptych” Bedroom Witch “Tale of a Pretty Black Ass”, Juicebox Burton “Illegible”, Daria Garina “You.Are.Here”, tere sánchez de tagle bartels “Untitled”, Chi Chi Castillo Performances and Music by Kara Phoebe India Sky EdgeSlayer



ATA’s Open Screening is the only monthly open submissions screening in the Bay Area. Get your work out there! Open Screening is where we invite local filmmakers to show their short subject films (under 15 mins.). It is a free event and you can either screen a film or just be a member of the audience. Either… Read more »

The Dogs and Crocodiles, Sunlamps

Artist: Michelle Brandemuehl Bio: Michelle spent her formative years in Wisconsin where she studied painting and received her BA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She now lives and works in San Francisco making paintings. Michelle has been a resident of the Edward F. Albee Foundation in Montauk, NY and has exhibited her work in Chicago, Brooklyn,… Read more »


ANALOGICA SELECTION is the annual short film program promoted by ANALOGICA. ANALOGICA is a platform and a festival for the investigation and dissemination of analog practices in visual and sonic experiments, it’s located in Bolzano, Italy. All works will be digitally presented. Everything Turns… Aaron Zeghers // 12′:12” / 2017 / Canada / Super8 / experimental The mythology… Read more »

Prewinkle Cinema

For obvious reasons, gays and lesbians have been forthright in their discussions about their sexual preferences and attractions. Interracial couplings have always carried with them myths, judgments, and projections stemming from stereotypes that live in American culture. In the case of white-on-black desire, the cultural matrix provides a particularly rich gumbo of racism, historical oppression,… Read more »