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A MID-SUMMER BENEFIT FOR OTHER CINEMA On Monday, the Fourth of July, Other Cinema/ATA Gallery presents a very special music/film hybrid holiday event, a benefit for the cash-strapped Other Cinema project, just barely able to continue screening personal cinema after some 37 years. This festive fund-raiser features 3 San Fran art-rock bands, coupled with 3 16mm cult-cinema selections.Starting the party is the wild and… Read more »

The Myth Of 4

Myth of 4 /افسانه ۴ Works of Videos, a Live Performance, and Artists’ Talks by Iranian and SWANA Artists  June- August 2022 Myth of 4,  is a new series of Zamin Project founded by Shaghayegh Cyrous, and, presented by Clarion Alley Mural Project, showcasing new videos and performances by ten Iranian artists based in the… Read more »

Other Cinema: OPTRONICA3

BECKER + ALVAREZ + 99 HOOKER + Per the national mood, our season finale oscillates between climax and cataclysm, as pent-up visuals finally rise to the light of the projector–er, make that plural!! Tommy, Lori, Kal, and Alfonso –all these local living legends assembled under the same roof! Becker lets loose the greatest Hits and Misses from his hi-concept Tape No. 1, Varga loads up 3 slide carousels only to verbally unpacks… Read more »



JOHNSON’s MANATEES + JOSH HARPER + CHRIS MARKER + Continuing our wild Animal Spirits/Spirit Animals theme from last season!!..Headlining is the world premiere of local folk-naturalist Daniel Johnson‘s lushly illustrated lecture/video on the crisis facing manatees! He also unspools precious peeks of the UCB Campanile Falcon “soap opera”, as well as his ongoing Cali Condor in-person research. ALSO in the house is the apocalyptic plea of our… Read more »


PLANTE’s WITH EARP CAME THE WEST + C/W GEMS + DIRECTOR MIKE PLANTE HERE IN PERSON!! After the moment of the Gunfight at the OK Corral in late 1881, Wyatt Earp became famous in his own time. He was already known within the Western territories as a tough lawman. The gunfight represented the epitome of what the wild west stood for: good guys against… Read more »