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The Hidden People of the Shadowy Rocks

Lee Lynch in person The Hidden People of the Shadowy Rocks is the only feature film by Icelandic avant-garde artist Róska (Ragnhildur Óskarsdóttir, 1940–1996), made in collaboration with her husband Manrico Pavolettoni. Educated in Prague and Rome, Róska was known for her radical leftist political views which are often evident in her art. A founder of… Read more »

Other Cinema: AVANT TO LIVE

 NEW EXPERIMENTAL WORKS ATA/OC’s penultimate Fall event offers a robust roster of NEW EXPERIMENTALWORKS! Among the 16-some(!) pieces–with many artists in person(!!)–are a bounty of local, national, and international premieres: Dominic Angerame debuts Flashback, Thad Povey launches Sketches for Rock, Bryan Boyce premieres Simfield Peaks, Scott Stark unveils Underlying (world premiere!), Greg Marshall releases bearing, Matt Soar inaugurates Gnaw their Tongues, Charles Cadkin unspools Past Life, and Jessica Bardsley premieres Good-bye Thelma. PLUS: Pat O’Neill/Martha Colburn‘s Messages, Lynne Sachs‘ Maya at 24, Natalie Tsui‘s International Face, Jason Brasier‘s Oblivion, Louise Bourke‘s Etre-ete, Anabel… Read more »

Other Cinema: OPTRONICA3

BECKER + WOOD + COX + Final Optrnica(#3) for this Fall boasts FOUR Live A/V acts!! Local light Tommy Becker makes his Autumn calendar debut with his long-awaited Mirror Neuron, celebrating human neurology through musically driven collage visuals. David Cox John Smalley, and Ania Samborska up the ante with their radiant re-consideration of Bauhaus meister Moholy-Nagy‘s Light-Space Modulator Art-world coup, practically initiating the category of “Kinetic Sculpture”…and Cox‘ exquisite mini-operetta manages to re-activating those oh-so-Modernist moves! With vivid history bursting out of every… Read more »


V.VALE AND MARIAN WALLACE We’re honored to host the hardcore of SF’s RE/Search publishing project, V. Vale and Marian Wallace, for an evening of rare—and new–underground films, videos, and books! Marian introduces 8 of her experimental shorts, including Project Y (offering glimpses of Kurt Kren at the legendary SOMA punk venue A-Hole Gallery), Drowned World (her JG Ballard riff), plus Words of Wisdom and Human Condition (“cut-up” homages to William S. Burroughs). Complementing her post-Beat cinema is Search & Destroy, Vale‘s copiously illustrated lecture-demo on punk publishing. Plus his—and Jerry Casale‘s–”classical”… Read more »

Other cinema: NO-THANKS GIVING

 NEW RED ORDER As is our custom this time of year, OC flips the traditional Turkey Day celebration of white-settler survivalists back into an acknowledgement of the original inhabitants of the land being colonized. This year’s program of Native American media-art is given over to a feisty collective of young makers who’ve made quite an international splash (ArtForum, NYTimes, London Times) with their… Read more »