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After-glowing from Valentine’s, this orgy of audiovisual pleasure is anchored by Lori Varga’s multile-projection of a pair of sex-positive pieces–Don’t Stop Doing It and Your Flesh Is My Flesh, the latter premiere accompanied by Colleen Kelly on looped cello! Lori’s multiple screens leads us to the polymorphous Narcissister, the acrobatic chameleon who masks her face and bares her breasts in an ever-transforming body-art burlesque… Read more »

Celebrating Jonas Mekas Special Screening of Mekas’ Birth of a Nation (1997)

Admission: $10 General/$5 Cinematheque MembersAdvance tickets available here In the very end, civilizations perish because they listen to their politicians and not to their poets.—J. Mekas Jonas Mekas (1922–2018), tireless advocate for the underdog, was without a doubt the world’s foremost advocate for personal/underground/avant-garde cinema. As a poet, publisher, filmmaker, curator, critic, archivist, rabble rouser and hopeless romantic, his… Read more »



Free ATA’s Open Screening is the only monthly open submissions screening in the Bay Area. Get your work out there! Open Screening is where we invite local filmmakers to show their short subject films (under 15 mins.). It is a free event and you can either screen a film or just be a member of the audience…. Read more »

DIGNIDAD Y RESISTENCIA: A Night of Antifa Performance Art & Kinetic Sculpture in Honor of René Yañez.

With Balitronica Gomez – Marshall Weber – Guillermo Gomez Pena – Maria Veronica San Martin And a film about Rene’s life by Louis DeMattheis. Brought together by their love and respect for acclaimed California artist and curator René Yañez (1942-2018), this global dream team of enigmatic artists are performing together, solo and collaboratively, for the… Read more »

Radio Fliers, Blow, and Quenten Wall of Sound

Please join us for an evening of sonic experience with $7-$10