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California College of the Arts 2019 Motion Graphics Film Festival

California College of the Arts 2019 Motion Graphics Film Festival is a screening of short animated films from CCA’s Advance Studio: Motion Graphics course taught by Erik Carter. Themes explored in this works include artificial intelligence, astrology, BTS, cheese tarts, Chengdu, dance, micro-expressions, microbes, narcissism, oranges, Taeyeon, typography, visualized music, Wong Kar-wai, virtual rappers and… Read more »

[email protected]: Comedy Shorts

Screening a Noe Valley Library ( 451 Jersey St, SF) We often are told “silent films were never silent”, but Rick Altman’s research suggests that for the first fifteen years or so of cinema’s existence, they indeed sometimes were shown without musical accompaniment or live narration. The Cinémathèque Française in Paris has always shown silent films… Read more »


 RICK PRELINGER + JAY ROSENBLATT + SKIP ELSHEIMER + MICHAEL MORRIS’ ARK +Here’s the New Model Army of archivists who recognize that access and use rank with preservation! The Internet Archive’s Rick Prelinger presents Wildcards of the Ether, on QSL Cards from the Citizens’ Band radio era–an amazing panoply of working-class creativity focused on “friending” 70s style—and a pre-figuration of social media tinged with workerist resistance of the… Read more »

University of San Francisco End-of-Semester Screening

Find out what’s on the minds of the students from The University of San Francisco. Tonight’s screening will feature a wild night of mini-masterpieces from our Motion Graphics and our Advanced Narrative classes. You’ll see genre-busting narratives and stylish graphic emissions. Films by Renata Becerra, Mae Cusack, Fabiana Davila Viera, Jevannie Dixon, Tiana Flores, Shuting… Read more »


Open Screening is where we invite local filmmakers to show their short subject films (under 15 mins.). It is a free event and you can either screen a film or just be a member of the audience. Either way it is FREE. It is a great place to network, if you are a filmmaker, crew… Read more »