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$8 WOOD + FAVORITE + BUCHANAN/GATEWOOD +This semi-annual celebration of our City’s history in fact also serves to launch two new publications!! Projection-artist Ben Woodproudly unveils California’s Hidden Mural, his well-researched report on the Ohlonemurals hidden behind the altar of Mission Dolores itself. Against odds, he managed to squeeze in behind the wooden reredos and lower a camera on a wire…and… Read more »

Bimodal Press Presents: No.1 Record & Cassette Release

Bimodal Press is thrilled to present an ATA benefit and record release show for two new editions, Amma Ateria’s “Vague Pure Affection” cassette and John Davis’ “Visiting The Sky” LP. Special guests include Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase. Performances begin at 8:30 pm (doors 7:30 pm). Cassettes and LP’s will be available, and all door proceeds go… Read more »

Hand and Machine, Hand made 16mm films from Australia

$7-$10 Cinema was the first inescapably mechanical art.  But in this post-mechanical age, the traditional apparatus of cinema has all too rapidly been deemed obsolete and primitive.    Yet the handing over of industrial machinery to anti-industrial users represents one of the prime creative opportunities for re-appraising and re-interpreting the nature of ourselves as transformed… Read more »


$9 SUBLIME FREQUENCIES’ OUYALA’s WEDDING + RAW MUSIC INTERNATIONALBy popular demand after a sold-out Mississippi Records show, RMI’s Cyrus Moussavi returns to our gallery to premiere the long-awaited Ouyala’s Wedding, co-directed with Hisham Mayet and Brittany Nugent—Sublime Frequencies‘ intimate look into a truly splendid Western Saharannuptial celebration. The bride happens to be the daughter of a legendary musician family (Group Doueh), so this ceremony marks the most… Read more »


Free ATA’s Open Screening is the only monthly open submissions screening in the Bay Area. Get your work out there! Open Screening is where we invite local filmmakers to show their short subject films (under 15 mins.). It is a free event and you can either screen a film or just be a member of the audience…. Read more »