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The Original Rainbow Coalition

The Original Rainbow Coalition will be presented as part of The Howard Zinn Book Fair. The Fair is an annual celebration of The People’s History, past, present and future which brings together authors, readers, organizers and community members to debate and discuss strategies for a better world. This year’s Book Fair will be held on… Read more »


 ANNIE SPRINKLE/BETH STEPHENS: AN EVENING OF ECOSEXY SHORTS Ecosex is an expanded form of sexuality that imagines sex as an ecology that extends beyond the physical body. The Ecosex Art Movement is alive and well and making movies. Come enjoy the pleasures and sensuality of nature from various international perspectives and styles and get your ecosexual gaze on! It’s also a happening with surprises and free swag…. Read more »


 SHERMAN/BARTEN: TOTAL MOBILE HOME David Sherman and Rebecca Barten return to OC to unspool underground histories of their DIY exhibition space, Total Mobile Home microCINEMA, and the extraordinary experimental cinema culture that exploded in the 90’s Bay Area. They enact a live cine-essay, mapping a moment in underground film, that began in an illegal basement space, using scavenged technologies, to cultivate intimate connections of makers and audiences. Tis an action-packed journey through… Read more »