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Other Cinema: AVANT TO LIVE

NEW EXPERIMENTAL WORKSA sensational season-ender that honors radical expression and innovative film form, the program tonight promises a veritable tsunami of cinema initiatives (18!). Portland prodigy Carl Diehl bestows on us the first-peek at his magician-uncle ode Misdirections, whilst Bryan Boyce rushes in from El Cerrito with his latest Fake But True beauty. Specially spotlit is a raft of brill hand-rolled works by Winnipeg’s Rhayne Vermette! Two other Canadians also… Read more »

Experimental Film at CCSF & SFSU: Final Screening

Cinema students embrace the tactile, the aleatoric and the absurd via an array of photochemical and digital interventions. Filmmakers: David Anderson, Casey Conor, Iana Chugunova, Maura Cotter, John Emerson, Diana Garcia Arambula, Deborah Garfinkle, Erik Grow, Eva Khemelinskaya, Elizabeth Lopez, Nicole McGuire, Joey Nelson, Max Oginz, Carolina Pistone, Lucia Pistone, Michael Ramos, Joshua Rodriguez, Brandt… Read more »

Other Cinema: META CINEMA

KEVIN B. LEE on HARUN FAROCKI + KONRAD STEINER on GUY DEBORDKeeping with our commitment to critical cinema, here’s a program that extols not only the modern “film essay”, but also the emerging genres of  “video essay” and “desktop documentary”. Kevin B. Lee—creator of 360 video essays (most famously Transformers:The Pre-Make) and first-ever Goethe Artist-in-Residence at Berlin’s new Farocki Inst.— sends in rare HarunFarocki material. Kevin’s digital mastery re-invents the keyboard/interface as… Read more »

California College of the Arts 2019 Motion Graphics Film Festival

California College of the Arts 2019 Motion Graphics Film Festival is a screening of short animated films from CCA’s Advance Studio: Motion Graphics course taught by Erik Carter. Themes explored in this works include artificial intelligence, astrology, BTS, cheese tarts, Chengdu, dance, micro-expressions, microbes, narcissism, oranges, Taeyeon, typography, visualized music, Wong Kar-wai, virtual rappers and… Read more »

[email protected]: Comedy Shorts

Screening a Noe Valley Library ( 451 Jersey St, SF) We often are told “silent films were never silent”, but Rick Altman’s research suggests that for the first fifteen years or so of cinema’s existence, they indeed sometimes were shown without musical accompaniment or live narration. The Cinémathèque Française in Paris has always shown silent films… Read more »