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WE MAKE MOVIES [Cancelled]

This program has been postponed to September The Los Angeles-based film collective, We Make Movies is bringing its signature Writers Workshop back to the San Francisco film community. The nine-year-old LA film collective, which has executive produced dozens of films in Los Angeles and Canada, and collaborated on hundreds more, is excited to partner with… Read more »


$7-$10 All films are presented digitally/ 68 min The Equatorial Calms by Derek Taylor3′ 37” / 16mm, found footage / experimental / 2018 / USAOptical ruminations on an unpredictable region of Earth where raging storms and calm waters coexist. Seafarers are not only contained within this indeterminate state, but also within the film frame. Derek… Read more »

CUNTSTOMER SERVIXXX, Judith Horn and Davi Jaberi

$7-$10 CUNTSTOMER SERVIXXX, Oakland, CA(Popcorn pop, deconstructive gender rock, Post-work pop) “Estrogen” live Insta: @constantfomo Judith Horn is a sad girl music project originated by Jeanne Oss- Born on the sandy beaches of the Mississippi, Jeanne hatched from a fish egg with her songs already written in her head. She then… Read more »

Periwinkle Cinema: Music Videos

$7-$10 Once again Periwinkle Cinema helps keep your summer going with a super fun music video mix tape! Come rock out to some of the latest videos from local queer bands! We are also still accepting submissions for new and not so new videos. We’ll show your punk, country, Indy, emo, noise, experimental, classical videos! [email protected] or… Read more »

Dead the Ends

$7-$10 Bookended by the 2011 London riots, Benedict Seymour’s dramatically, politically urgent new film retells the story of Chris Marker’s ‘La Jetée’. A man has been sent back into the past as a way of rescuing the future, his tale told by way of the Narrator who riffs on familiar film dialogue and contemporary references… Read more »