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ATA’s Open Screening is the only monthly open submissions screening in the Bay Area. Get your work out there! The first Thursday of every month we have an Open Screening. An Open Screening is where we invite local filmmakers to show their short subject films (under 15 mins.). It is a free event and you can either… Read more »

The Dogs and Crocodiles, Sunlamps (Gallery Opening)

Artist: Michelle Brandemuehl Bio: Michelle spent her formative years in Wisconsin where she studied painting and received her BA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She now lives and works in San Francisco making paintings. Michelle has been a resident of the Edward F. Albee Foundation in Montauk, NY and has exhibited her work in Chicago, Brooklyn,… Read more »


We are thrilled to present volume 1 of Moss Index, a bi-annual screening series that shows films/videos about looking at nature (“nature”), interacting with the environment (“the environment”), and investigating the border regions where the human and the not-human intersect. An invitation to look at the environment might usually imply a certain political goal, but we are interested… Read more »

periwinkle Cinema: The Ed Varga Experience A cel ED bration of everything Ed

In Homocore Minneapolis a documentary about the musical scene in Minneapolis, focusing on the queer punk groups, whose style is also called Homocore. Ganser interviews members of groups such as Tribe 8, The Misfires, The Butchies, representatives of the style.Follow the Homobiles as they tour and discuss the issues of being a queer rock and… Read more »

ART Heart: Children of Riot Grrrl and Queercore

Celeste Chan and Elliat Graney-Saucke Tickets: ART Heart is: a collage, a mixtape, a DIY documentary and tribute to riot grrrl & queercore’s influence on next generations. This is a love letter to queer and trans teens of tomorrow. 1990’s punk feminism tackled rape/abuse, suicide, mental illness, homophobia, body image, disability and more. Riot grrrl’s art,… Read more »