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Small Press Traffic: Elevate Reading w/Park, Stein, Chavez and Orth

A reading & performance with the four recent ELEVATE residents: Steve Orth, MK Chavez, Suzanne Stein and Julian Francis Park. JULIAN FRANCIS PARK has poems in Blind Field (forthcoming), Entropy, HOLD (forthcoming), Horny Poetry Review (forthcoming), and Writing w/o Walls, narrative excerpted in Queen Mob’s Tea House, reviews in Jacket2 and Tripwire, and a chapter,… Read more »


B. BROWN/S. GRUFFAT on R. SMITHSON’s RAMP + Welcome back Bill Brown and Sabine Gruffat, Durham NC-based teachers, writers, and legendary bringers-of-light! They’re all the way out here on the Coast to unveil their ambitious Amarillo Ramp, a 40-min. essay on the north Texas land-art piece by since-deceased Robert Smithson. Smithson died at the site… Read more »

Everything Everywhere All the Time

Everything Everywhere All the Time feels like big data sugar cane imploding, twisting into an Ouroboros of infinite digital regress, containing within the empty centers of the streaming figure 8 some true black pulsating with a 50-60 hertz hum – near silence. The media scrum suddenly becomes meditative. Then the image. The image of an… Read more »

Resistance Made Visual: Animations by Kelly Gallagher

SF Cinematheque in association with the SFSU Documentary Film Institute’s Pluralities Nonfiction Film Conference present: Kelly Gallagher in person Advance tickets available here animation as transformation, animation as fluidity, animation as resurrection, animation as change, animation as slowing down time in order to examine it — Kelly Gallagher The riotous collage animations of Kelly Gallagher are hand-crafted girl-powered glitter bombs exploding with scintillating color… Read more »

Small Press Traffic: Ghayath Almadhoun, Sarah Rosenthal, Brenda Iijima, & Eric Sneathan

A reading & performance with Ghayath Almadhoun, Sarah Rosenthal, Brenda Iijima, & Eric Sneathan GHAYATH ALMADOUN is a Palestinian poet born in Damascus in 1979. He has lived in Stockholm since 2008. Almadhoun has published four collections of poetry, the latest “Adrenaline” in Milano 2017. In Sweden he has been translated and published in two… Read more »