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Other Cinema: PSYCHO-GEO2; WXSW

 DANIEL + RENWICK + LORD + KATELUS + Look for the four vans in front of ATA! Bill Daniel makes his escape from Tex-ass, Vanessa Renwick brings her Le Guin-inspired Kesh down from Portland, and Doug Katelus loads his Hammond organinto our gallery for an evening celebrating the imagination of that huge American subculture that’s switched to “mobile living systems”. Doug sets the tone as the house Solo Organ, sharing his Econoline tribute to boot. Bill tacks up… Read more »

Lamfanti Presents 2.2: &#%[email protected](?)! 

This iteration of Lamfanti Presents features an evening of films on the wild side, including four recently preserved films by Julie Murray: FF (1986),  Tr’cheot’my P’sy (1988), A Legend of Parts (1988), and Conscious (1993). These 16mm prints from Canyon Cinema will be screened alongside archival finds–amateur scopophilia with a predilection for the derriere (digital scans courtesy the Austrian Film Museum). Julie Murray’s films were preserved by… Read more »

Other Cinema: LO-FI-PSY-FI-GEO1

 E.DAVIS’ JACK PARSONS + J.BERMAN’s EARTHLINGS World-renown fringe religion scholar Erik Davis materializes into our cine-séance with Babalon Rising: Jack Parsons Blasts Off, an inside report on the Man of the Hour, Jack Whiteside Parsons, the OTOsorcerer/inventor who founded the JPL, spread wide the words of Aleister Crowley, incidentally catalyzed the cult of L. Ron Hubbard’s Scientology, and, with New Age matriarch Marjorie Cameron, brought Thelemic sex-magick into Californiaparlance. Author of Techgnosis, The… Read more »

Yung Heazy, Lofi Legs and…….

Yung Heazy Drawing strong comparisons to acts like Mac Demarco, The Beatles and the current wave of bedroom pop acts like Cuco, Clairo, Rex Orange County and Gus Dapperton, Yung Heazy & rsquo’s music melds elements of jazz, psych and pop with endearing lyricism and harmonies. A prolific artist, Jordan Heaney performs all instruments, records… Read more »



ATA’s Open Screening is the only monthly open submissions screening in the Bay Area. Get your work out there! Open Screening is where we invite local filmmakers to show their short subject films (under 15 mins.). It is a free event and you can either screen a film or just be a member of the audience. Either… Read more »