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Friday, February 2, 2024, 8:30 pm, classic-editor, $10, classic-editor

Film Diary NYC is a festival for diary films, home movies, and personal documentaries. The satellite screening at ATA will feature a selection of seven short films from the New York festival, highlighting ground-breaking new works in autobiographical, personal cinema.


Even God, Liz Roberts – USA – 12’ 

therefore i live, Sloane Stone – USA – 10’ 

I am your Daughter, Jasmine Veronica – USA – 3’ 

Monolith, Teri Carson – Mexico / USA – 14’ 

Why Do Ants Go Back to Their Nest? Alex Lo – Canada – 12’ 

no more room in hell, Rebecca Shapass – USA – 23’ 

Ca(r)milla, Kearra Amaya Gopee – USA – 12’


Even God, Liz Roberts – USA – 12’ 

All personal archival VHS engaging  with a core question of artists in times  of chaos: who owns a memory and  what is its value? A record of the queer  Midwest. Drugs, sex, love, friendship,  and a failed Los Angeles movie deal. 

therefore i live, Sloane Stone – USA – 10’ 

A home movie for alex amanda amina  andres anya cameron danny emily  fana gabi gavin max nate oliver sara  sarah shane sierra sydney tim trevor  tuong vincent + the rest of the water lover and old blood crews with a special shoutout to mirko 

I am your Daughter, Jasmine Veronica – USA – 3’ 

The dynamics of a relationship as both  mom/daughter and me as her caregiv er, but also how it’s complicated with  me having to remind her that I am her  daughter.

Monolith, Teri Carson – Mexico / USA – 14’ 

Part essay film, part videopoem,  Monolith braids found footage, docu mentary, experimental, 3D animation  and narrative filmmaking devices to  explore notions of collectivity, dissent,  indigenous knowledge and time as a  series of folds, splits, ruptures, loops,  clusters, drifts, ascents, descents,  vortexes, pulses, rhythms, linkages,  aberrations, burials, and unearthings.  

Why Do Ants Go Back  to Their Nest?, Alex Lo – Canada – 12’ 

An auto-fictional experimental film  about the filmmaker digging a hole  from Toronto to Hong Kong. 

no more room in hell,  Rebecca Shapass – USA – 23’ 

An experimental journey across the  industrial backdrop of Western Penn sylvania, examining the implications zombiehood in relation to industry,  late techno-capitalism, and apocalyptic  realities.

Ca(r)milla, Kearra Amaya Gopee – USA – 12’ 

Playing with tropes such as monstros ity, Caribbean folklore and desire that  have long served as sites of comfort  for me and using fantasy as a meth od to stave off the anticipatory grief  that now inundates the relationship  between my mother and I in the wake  of my grandmother’s passing in 2021.  The inevitability of loss and the appli cation of a queer lens to grief and faith  spill forth and alchemize the edges be tween fantasy and reality. At its core,  this video is a wish. 

About Film Diary NYC 

Film Diary NYC is a festival for experimental non-fiction that cap tures the personal history and daily experiences of the filmmaker  and the world they encounter. Through an annual festival and ongo ing special events, we provide a platform for the most heartfelt but  most overlooked cinema: diary films, home movies, and personal  documentary. 

“A community of artists committed to cutting through the bullshit,  excited to use any and all media to increase our understanding &  create authentic connection.” – Julie Perini, filmmaker, educator  (Portland State University) 

“This festival is what real artistic community can look and feel like,  and these filmmakers give me hope for the future of art on screen” –  Ife Olujobi, filmmaker, writer “Very much in the spirit of the kind of film community that my father  helped to foster and support.” – Sebastian Mekas 

“An organization unparalleled in our current moment within the New  York film world.”  – Devon Narine-Singh, filmmaker, educator (RISD)


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