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Other Cinema: X~peri~MENTAL ANIMATION

Saturday, September 14, 2019, 8:30 pm


We kick off our 66th season with our by-now-eagerly anticipated X/Animation showcase, this time boasting more than a dozen dazzlers! Spotlit is the launch of local hero Jeremy Rourke’s domo domo, an expanded/performative account of his wild bike-packing pilgrimage through the mountains of northern Japan, with field recordings providing the ground for his post-Basho road songs and delightful hand-drawn pixilations. AnOther focus is on recently deceased Bruce Bickford, the Seattle hermit-genius whose claymationPrometheus’ Garden will ever remain THEE break-out piece of personal fantasy and libidinal imagination. Larry Jordan, our own elder statesman of experimental animation, tops the roster with the world premiere of Oz, a 16mm blessing buoyed by a John Davis track! PLUS Martha Colburn’Spiders in LoveLewis Klahr’s Dead CelebrityKelly Sears’ Applied Pressure, Salise Hughes’ AntarcticaEllie Vanderlip’s Feet Flat, Eric Leiser’s Anthrophic Principle, and Skizz Cyzyk’s Pataphysics (on Alfred Jarry!). Free toast and nutella!!

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