Artists' Television Access

Nonconsensual Paintings: Solo-exhibition of new works by Rebecca Kaufman

August 1, 2024 - August 31, 2019

[San Francisco, CA, July 22] At Artists’ Television Access in San Francisco and curated by Hannah Beck, Rebecca Kaufman exhibits new paintings and a video installation in the solo-exhibition Nonconsensual Paintings throughout the month of August. The opening reception is Saturday, August 3, 6-9pm with artist talk and a video/sound performance. The duration of the solo-exhibition is until August 31 with gallery hours on Saturdays and Sundays 1-6pm or by appointment contact [email protected].   

Curatorial Statement:

They’re not meant to be easy to look at, just like a nonconsensual episode is not easy to discuss. The visceral feeling is divorced from the intellect. There is comfort when the intellect can make sense, but what happens when the intellect is usurped by feeling? Rebecca Kaufman’s new body of work, Nonconsensual Paintings, is presented to the audience as vibrating glitches, scratching and jumping white light on an analog screen. As optical art, the series holds your uneasy eyes to experience a nonconsensual act, one you did not expect, but that is happening to you nonetheless. Do you keep quiet or do you use your voice to assert your space? A dilemma the world of women have constantly grappled with, but like a siren reverberating around the planet, the #MeToo Movement slammed the brakes and toppled the facade on the misogynistic iron fist. Kaufman’s unapologetic work takes back female space with size and content devouring your gaze and space. Like hypnosis, Kaufman’s optical art holds the viewer to expose where women’s vibrating spirit has been coalescing since time began.

Hannah Beck, Curator

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