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Thank You Come Again, 7-11 Jesus, Mint

Friday, August 2, 2019, 6:30 pm, $7-10


The debut EP from San Francisco-based band Thank You Come Again occupies an interesting space between old-school rock n’ roll and something newer and more intimate. Thank You Come Again’s quartet of [Izzie] Clark (vocals and guitar), Danny Lomeli (guitar), Julian Paz (bass), and Steven Sessler (drums) see the potential in contrasting Clark’s moments of softness with the table-upending power of a good guitar riff or grinding solo… As a new band, Thank You Come Again is still working on finding balance, but they have more than enough energy to carry them along for miles. – Sophia Vaccaro

7-11 JESUS

7-11 Jesus will kill your zombie dog and then take you out for some late night bagel time. Consisting of east coast fucks in a west coast earthquake firestorm. Kieran( DRuMs BRo), Emma(Baaaa(h)ss, and August(vocals/guitarz) have been punk rocking it in the SF world for what feeeeels like atleast a year maybe 2. Youll catch em playing the honeyhive on a friday night blasting the crowd with sweeeeeet NOISE GAZE ROCK SHOES POWER SOUND. Their debut EP “Nothing Feels Right Anymore” off of Animal Testing Records has been blowing up on the bandcamp top 100 garage punk rock bands in SF chart!! Yet it only gets better as 7-11 JESUS is coming out with a new EP this early fall! So keep your banana eyes peeled for these humble corner store heroes as they freak out the bay area scene with the freshest sound since greendays kids played a show at gilman. – Yves St Clair


Mint is a local San Francisco band that has been ripping it up for a few years with their fusion of shoe-gaze, surf punk, and post rock. They will make you dance, mosh, and soar into another dimension. Their most recent EP – “Haunt Your Days” – exhibits their ability to create a calming reverb soaked environment that is simultaneously pulsing forward. This push and pull is why they always sound so fresh (haha their name is Mint) – Douglas Fern

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