Artists' Television Access

Other Cinema: PSYCHO-GEO2; WXSW

Saturday, October 13, 2018, 8:30 pm, $9

Look for the four vans in front of ATABill Daniel makes his escape from Tex-assVanessa Renwick brings her Le Guin-inspired Kesh down from Portland, and Doug Katelus loads his Hammond organinto our gallery for an evening celebrating the imagination of that huge American subculture that’s switched to “mobile living systems”. Doug sets the tone as the house Solo Organ, sharing his Econoline tribute to boot. Bill tacks up an in-situ installation of his itinerant landscapes in the ATAhallway, before narrating a slide-show that finally crystallizes the Tri-X Noise Aesthetic, and Chip Lord sends in his 1970 flashback to Ant Farm’s van tactics, as well as the sterile architecture of Phoenix ‘burbs in his new Valley of the Sun. ALSO a cornucopia of works on the Bay Area built environment: David de Roza’s Give (on Inglesidehistory), Julia Schroeder (in person) and Lana Lam’s Who Owns the Walls (on Oakland murals), Ben Wood’s Cellhouse History (on Alcatraz prison), Georg Koszulinski (on Native petroglyphs), a too-real clip from Dan Leighton’s notorious Wedding Train, and Frito Pies

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