Artists' Television Access


Saturday, December 16, 2017, 8:30 pm, $8

Our calendar is capped with an energized evening of NEW cinematic expressions, of radical forms and sensibilities, with nine of the makers in the flesh! Spotlit are Jeanne Finley (in person) and John Muse’s Book ReportLinda Scobie (in person) and Isaac Sherman’s XYZ:Not in OntarioMisha Steier’s (in person) Living Dad (world premiere), Tommy Becker’s (performing in person) Flower Shop III, and Walter Forsberg‘s (in-person world premiere). Celluar: Immune Response ALSO showcased are Kent Lambert’s Reckoning 4 (West Coast premiere), Anthony Buchanan’s Oriental Frames (world premiere), Mike Morris’ hand-processed 16mmBlue MovieClint Enns’ Let Me ASMR You, and Ellie Vanderlip’s Scotty (with her live banjo!). PLUS current kino releases from Aaron Zeghers (I See a Light), Walter ForsbergSara BonaventuraMatt SoarGibbs Chapman, and Joe Gibbons!! $8

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