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Gaze # 14: ARE YOU ? and other returns at the ATA

Thursday, November 10, 2016, 8:00 pm, $7-$10

Presented by Gaze film series.
Please join us for the WORLD PREMIERE VIDEO of “ARE YOU?“ and other shorts by Kim Miskowicz.
Drawing from her video archive of references for her 2-dimensional work, Miskowicz weaves the sublime with reminders of its impermanence such as listening to crickets at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon interrupted by the starting of a car. In this intimate program of moving images, Kim Miskowicz explores cognitive and physical place, animated found imagery, pulsating landscapes, privacy and video fragments within a variety of formats.

Screening will include films and videos spanning nearly a decade of other compositional musings and nostalgic speculations on points in space. See new cell phone camera generations of “XU Extract,” in celebration of it’s 11th birthday, a generationally updated and downgraded video that chases conversions of moving image formats, with each new generation containing a small part of the first.    


ARE YOU ? – digital video
Travel Plaza – digital video
Oakland, CA – Middle Harbor Rd – digital video
ABQ do not edit – Super 8mm
Saving the Next to Last – hand-crank Super 8mm
Bennetteville Movie – digital video
XU – 11th birthday  – digital video
Building Drip – Super 8mm
Midwinter Firework- digital video
Daily Winter Bridge – Super 8mm
Cement Ship Called the Palo Alto – Super 8mm
Part III – Super 8mm
And more!


“My work focuses on a response to material and data overload creating breaks in continuous thoughts similar to a building obstructing a view of a simple horizon. My paintings and films are inspired by the belief in therapeutic effects of viewing distant forms in the landscape. I use film and video as a multiplier and quick viewer of minutely varied compositions. I explore media and material absorption in relation to determining what of our personal, emotional and informational lives one preserves versus invalidates.”
Kim Miskowicz 2016
GAZE is a film series dedicated to screening independent film and video made by women. We promote women’s artistic expression and  create dialogues related to the influence of this powerful medium.

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