Artists' Television Access

Short Collections

Friday, February 1, 2013, 8:00 pm, Free

SF Short Film Screening Hosted By Cupid’s Conundrum

Fix (McPherson, 5 min)
Hat Trick (Luff, 6 min)
A Fool For Desire (Briggs, 4 min)
Fifteen Hundred Short (Desurray, 8 min)
Flapjack (Blakely, 10 min)
The Greatest Gift (Carlson, 3 min)
Taxi (Thinley, 4 min.)
Tara Kamangar (Talani, 10 min)
A Rapturous Scent (Henderson, 8 min)
Untitled: The State of Hip-Hop in Shanghai (Davis/ Murray, 10 min)
The Alternates (Greenwood, 5 min)
Bed Bugs From Outer Space (McCarthy, 24 min)
Cupid’s Conundrum Promo (Henderson, 8min)

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