Artists' Television Access

Buffering: Opening reception with live performance by Janel Leppin

Tuesday, October 16, 2012, 7:00 pm

llison Pette, Erin Erbstoesser, Jeff Cowherd: (found glass, wire, plywood, television, player)

Technology broadens the scope and boundaries of the human experience. Takes you places you may be physically unable to go. However, this piece explores the limitations inherent in technology by exposing our flawed dependence on the internet and other connections; found briefly during buffering*.

*physical limitations


Avant garde cellist Janel Leppin crosses genre boundaries in her approach with her work and the many musical projects she adds her voice to (O. Ambarchi, K. Malone, E. Kang, Evangelista, Rose Windows, etc.) .  Adapting her sound with electronics Leppin winds through territory showing where she has been in her extensive musical training as well as where she is going.  Her forthcoming solo album brings out her versatile interests where she composes for analog equipment alongside acoustic and electric instruments to create soundscapes interwoven with jagged contemporary jaunts, includes dream pop vocal works, persian classical glimpses and psychedelic reveries.  With her recent release Where is Home on avant jazz label Cuneiform Records by her duo Janel and Anthony this is sure to be an exciting record. Leppin lives in Seattle, Washington where she works with phenomenal figures of the underground music world.  She divides her time touring in her group Janel and Anthony around the world.

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