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On Vacation: Three Trilogies by Dan Anderson

Friday, June 1, 2012, 8:00 pm, $6

Dan Anderson is most known as a maverick Midwestern film programer, having founded Minnesotaʼs Bearded Child Film Festival, as well as programing the Arkansas Underground Film Festival and Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival.  These rarely shown short films combine a rural, vanguard sensibility, with hand-made experimentation and a voyeuristic taste of Americana. Blog at


Leisure Series
Three “experimental travelogues” that explore leisure and the nature of being. All shot on film and hand-processed, both color and B/W.

“Idle Hours” 9min, super 8mm, 2007
– Silent, super 8, b/w film shot in Uruguay and Argentina.

“The Joy of Leisure” 6min, super 8mm/16mm, 2004
-A psychedelic journey through Middle America, made in response to the 2004
Presidential elections. Hand-developed color film flutters with the American dream.

“On Vacation” 6min, super 8mm/16mm, 2005
– Two wealthy businessmen, one man and one dog, take a pleasure jaunt through
roadside America

Freudian Trilogy

Three psychoanalytic narratives exploring battles between the Id and Superego, sudden
subconscious backflips and mind-melting self-realizations.

“Auto Domestication” 9min, super 8mm on video, 2003

“Tea Party” 10min, 16mm on video, 2003

“Cookies For Satan” 12min, super 8mm/miniDV, 2004
(Featuring RuPaul Drag Raceʼs Sharon Needles.)


Analog Explosion
A sampling of analog videos from CINEPLOSION Productions, an Arkansas-based live
projection, music video and VHS production studio founded in 2009.

“Sports on Fire” 8min, VHS, 2009

“Bird Nest” 7min, VHS, 2010

“Cat Cadg” 4min, VHS, 2011