Artists' Television Access

Periwinkle Cinema Presents: SELF-REFLEXIVE

Wednesday, May 23, 2012, 8:00 pm, $6

Navigating queer desires has never been a walk in the park. Okay, maybe sometimes it consists of cruising in the park. Whatever. Senses of radical queer self-hood don’t just catalyze themselves, they take some serious nurturing. That nurturing can take a lot of forms — a sassy critique of ‘heterosexual values,’ a serious conversation about the gaps between theory and lived experience, or just some good old-fashioned masturbating. These are just a few of the strategies of this month’s filmmakers. It takes more than a haircut to disrupt systems of oppression — it takes self-reflection, an examination of how our selves are implicated in those systems, and sometimes it takes being kind of shameless. Get ready for some feelings talk with a dash of sacrilege, and yeah, of course — an exciting lineup of (some old, some brand new) queer experimental shorts!


“DIY Queer Learning Lab” by Kehontas Rose. 4 min, 30 seconds, 2010

Byline: Queer is a word that is now meant to be all inclusive but in some ways, because of the loss of meaning in words through translation of people, places, time, space, race, identity can simultaneously be isolating.

Cut and Paste” by Alexis McCrimmon, 2007, 8 minutes

byline: An eye-catching and playful autobiographical documentary that explores the historical contexts of racial stereotypes, gender identity and sexual agency i.e: what it meant for one little girl who dared to be Black, Queer and Kinky.

“Shari Shapiro’s Slumber Party” by Samara Halperin, 4 min, 30 seconds, 1998

Byline: A short film about betrayal, reconciliation, Cheetos and Joan Jett.

“The Terrorist She Freaks of Texas” by Bug Davidson, 24 minutes, 30 seconds, 2005

Byline: A fake public service announcement about the newest and most threatening danger to heterosexual values in Texas, the Terrorist She Freaks.



“The Back of My Head” by Emily Wingren, 3 minutes, 30 seconds, 2012

Byline: My friend walked by yodeling. I was a human in a t shirt, sitting in a cold field on some dead grass. Suddenly I had an epiphany, though my realization was not associated with any words. This video extrapolates on that feeling. An interview with the person inside my brain-cave.

“Bolex Study” by Malic Amalya, 2 min, 2008

Byline: Andy Warhol’s 1964 film Blow Job is a 35 minute shot of a man’s head and shoulders as, the title suggests, he receives a blow job. Confined to the Bolex’s spring-wound clockwork motor and a 100ft roll of film, Bolex Study #1 supplies the missing half of Warhol’s film.

“Body Work” by Parke Ballantine, 2 min, 2012

Byline: Time told through the physical. Body trauma. Disembodiment. Body healing and exploration.

“Banana Split Boy” by Lindsay Laven, 5 min, 30 seconds, 2012

Byline: Banana Split Boy is the story of ice cream indulgence and banana curiosity.

“But I’m a Genderqueer” by Lauren Soldano, 11 min, 30 seconds, 2011

Byline: The story of one person’s journey through the scary but also magical land of identity crisis, and a story about queer self-love triumphing over all obstacles.

“Diamonds at the Meeting” by Emily Y. Wang, 15 min, 2012

Byline: A group of college-age queer womyn and genderqueer folks speak up about sex and fucking.