Artists' Television Access


January 10, 2024 - February 10, 2012

Opening reception: Thursday, January 26th,  6 – 8 pm

New work by Glenna Cole Allee, Molly Hankwitz and Linda G. Wilson

An exhibition of color photography and collaged objects, (Re)capture presents complimentary aesthetic approaches to the appearance and disappearance of culture and meaning in everyday life.

Glenna Cole Allee presents two digital c-prints of full size milk cows made entirely of butter.

Molly Hankwitz’ dayglo collaged sculptures and moody maquettes made from toy parts redress pop narratives of beauty, convenience and romance.

Finally, photographer/curator Linda G.Wilson’s 10 photographic works emphasize the intimate detail, intense color, and human scale of the Mission’s deep Latin culture.