Artists' Television Access

By chance and by sleight of hand…expanded cinema by Leyna Marika Papach, Jerry Smith, Jim Haynes, and Thomas Carnacki

Sunday, September 4, 2011, 7:30 pm, $6-$10

23five Incorporated & ATA present:

Leyna Marika Papach (New York)
Jerry Smith (Oakland)
Jim Haynes (Berkeley)
Thomas Carnacki (Berkeley)

23five Incorporated presents an evening of expanded cinema at ATA. Leyna Marika Papach will be collaborating with Jerry Smith on a performance based on the idea of a game, with numbers, chance, and music and image set in motion for a fantastical world. As an extension of his corroded photography and sound design, Jim Haynes will screen a new body of work involving surveillance cameras, optical trickery, cheap strobe light, shortwave radio, magnetic sound fields, and found footage. The Thomas Carnacki ensemble will collaborate with Jerry Smith, working with the apparitional theme of a haunted architecture through projected image and preternatural sound design.
Leyna Marika Papach is a composer, video artist and violinist from Japan and the United States. She has made numerous soundtracks for video/film, theater and dance productions, and her video work as well as her musical theater pieces has been performed in both western and eastern Europe as well as the United States and Japan.  As a violinist and improviser, she performs regularly both solo and in collaboration.  She received her undergraduate degree in violin performance from the Conservatory of Music in University of Missouri in Kansas City, and studied further in the Czech Republic.  She received her Graduate Degree in Theater Studies from DAS ARTS school in Amsterdam, Holland.

Jerry Smith is a painter and media artist living in Oakland, California. Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, he attended the Kansas City Art Institute and Boston University for painting. His media work has primarily been collaborative work for performance-based projects. Most recently he created a video installation piece for a poem by Gilian Conoley at Krowswork Gallery in Oakland, CA. Also in 2011 he created an interactive video piece for orchestra with co-collaborators Andy Strain and Yotam Mann. In 2009 and 2010 he created two video art pieces with Leyna Marika Papach for Monkeytown in Brooklyn. He created video for the choreographer Cathy Caraker for the Artist in Residency program at CounterPULSE in San Francisco. He created music and stilts for a dance piece with Lisa Bufano and Sonsherée Giles of AXIS Dance Company, performed as part of the Extravagant Bodies festival in Zagreb, Croatia, Ljubjana, Yugoslavia and Dubrovnic, Croatia. He enjoys living in Oakland and walking to his studio near Lake Merritt.

Describing his work through the pithy phrase, “I rust things,” Jim Haynes is an artist who has developed a vocabulary of decay that he has applied to photography, sculpture, installation, and sound. He has exhibited internationally at Electric Works (San Francisco), The Exploratorium (San Francisco), WestSpace (Melbourne, Australia), Jack Straw Productions (Seattle), Eyedrum (Atlanta), Diapason (New York), and The Lab (San Francisco). Haynes has collaborated with Steven Stapleton (Nurse With Wound), M.S. Waldron (irr. app. (ext.)), Keith Evans, Allison Holt, and Loren Chasse. He has published his work through the Helen Scarsdale Agency, 23five Incorporated, Intransitive Recordings, and Elevator Bath.

Thomas Carnacki is a purloined moniker attached to the recording and performing activities of Berkeley-based Gregory Scharpen, who in turn emerges from the twin factory-farms of theatrical sound design and several tours of duty with the oblique-concrete outfit irr. app. (ext.). Thomas Carnacki has performed on both coasts of the continent, and has convinced a sizable number of luminaries to shed their dignity and participate in the proceedings. The core performing outfit generally includes Jesse Burson, James Kaiser, and Gregory Hagan. Carnacki performances have taken place in festivals such as Project Soundwave and the 2008 Whitney Biennial, and as part of such organisms as the Illuminated Corridor and Neighborhood Public Radio.

Founded in 1993, 23five Incorporated is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the development and increased awareness of sound works in the public arena, and to the support and education of artists working with and discussing the medium of sound. For the past 18 years, 23five Incorporated has remained at the forefront in bringing the most adventurous elements of sound art to the San Francisco Bay area. 23five has served as an important benefactor to artists such as CM von Hausswolff, Christina Kubisch, Francisco Lopez, Olivia Block, Matt Heckert, Zbigniew Karkowski, Atau Tanaka, and many more.

Since the early ’80s, Artists’ Television Access has provided equipment, education, and a screening venue for independent film and video to artists and the community in San Francisco’s Mission District. Our mission is to bring the tools of the mass media within reach.