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Cartoon Justice presents: Electric Eclectic Kinetic – Generative Video with Live Improv

Saturday, July 16, 2011, 8:00 pm, $6

 an Evening of Generative Video with Live Improvised scores by two very different the electro-acoustic band’s Cartoon Justice and Eurostasche

 Cartoon Justice will perform live scores for  2 short Buton films by Jorge Davies and for the Kinetic Video’s “Socialmedia Hallucinarium R23” ***, “Primoria 3”, and “Transversions” by Mika Pontecorvo/Meg Schoerke/Neal Elzenga/Kersti Abrams…(live band – cello, guitar, flute, sax, drums, bass, clarinet, voice with an evolving sonic processing architecture and rocks and voices.)

 (*** to participate in the Social Media Hallucinarium go to and enter a topic for the show. )

 Eurostache will perform live scores to “Transversions” series by Pontecorvo/Abrams and a video selection from a  guest experimental film maker to ba announced… Their performance will employ melding circuit-bending, experimental vocals, percussion, scatter-brained bass, acoustic instruments, and gravity bending effects.  The score will be a once performed work using real-time experimental techniques to produce a highly transient and varied sound experience.


 CARTOON JUSTICE started in during the dark years of the G. W. Bush Administration as the ‘Political Wing’ of the ambient noise duo Theory Garden. From these political instrumental roots, Cartoon Justice has expanded into a fluid free-wheeling set of players drawing on a range of musical vocabularies and moods to create their unique Shamanic-Noise-Jazz flavor  of electro-acoustic soundscapes and improv …This primitive futurist sound points to their leaders complex adaptive systems approach to the emergent nature of sonic structure and an appreciation for the paradoxical even comical quantum nature of reality…

 EUROSTACHE was founded in November 2008 and has eight regular members that employ instruments that range from circuit-bent electronics, laptops, toys, a waterphone, and a singing tea kettle, to a cello, euphonium, and clarinet. The core ensemble is frequently augmented with guests from the San Francisco Bay Area.  The group has previously performed at spaces such as Olympia Experimental Music Festival 2011 (Olympia, WA), Vessel Gallery (Oakland, CA), San Francisco State University, CELLspace Gallery (San Francisco, CA), Mama Buzz Cafe (Oakland, CA) and Maker Faire (San Mateo, CA).

  JORGE DAVIES is a musician, filmmaker currently living in Joshua Tree, California.  An Argentine native, he moved with his family to the U.S. at age eight.  He’s been making avant garde music and art films his whole life.  His artistic obsession with pure expression is what leads him to feature Butoh and expressive dance in many of his films – both short and feature length.

MIKA PONTECORVO is a San Francisco born  musician, artist, and scientist. He is a founder of Cartoon Justice  His generative process architecture research is the basis of the works of Cartoon Justice. His work has involved creative, scientific, and technical collaborations in Finland, Italy, the Netherlands, Japan, and the US.

 MEG SCHOERKE is a San Francisco-based writer, artist, and professor of english literature. Her continuing pen and inks series forms a post-modern reimagining of classical pen and ink technique.  These works embody a vital contrapuntal interplay between collage and pen and ink expression.

 NEAL ELZENGA is a San Diego born scientist, artist, conceptualist. Neal has made a career of designing and creating systems of subtle elegance and profound conceptual depth. Systems which recast our current expectations of media technology and intelligent systems.

 KERSTI ABRAMS is a San Francisco based Musician, Artist whose visual work opens a window into an internal landscape in stark expressionist terms. This minimalist imagery is a provocative contrast to her rich post-modern approach to her saxophone improvisations..