Artists' Television Access

A Meeting of Minds

Friday, April 1, 2011, 7:00 pm, $6

Julie Indelicato (
Julie ‘s song writing style lends to the great female artist like Ani DiFranco’s guitar playing and is often characterized by a signature staccoto style rapid fingerpicking and many alternate tunings. She delivers many of her lines in a speaking style notable for its poetic fashion.   

Leo Suarez (
Leo started playing the streets and now he’s playing street fairs. His virtuostic playing leaves people lost in an enchanted world of music.                    <[email protected]>

Aaron Leese (
Aaron is not only a great Jazz and blues piano player, he has also designed his on music looping software(Fly Loops) which he will be show casing with quartet ( piano , guitar drums, and sax)

Sam Manera visual stimuli

Crescent Banks (
Crescent Banks is an eclectro-acoustic act lending to Tv on the Radio or the Suckers from Brooklyn. There use of genre hopping and beat juggleing is very danceable . They will have a special guest Mummble ( Slam poet and mc) (
 Sam Manera visual stimuli

Algo and The Rhythms  (
Algo and The Rhythms  is  electro indie rock band with a sound like  Syd Barrett’s
Mad Cap laughs if it was created in 2011. It is as mind bending as it is danceable.