Artists' Television Access

FEAST of the BEAST: Wurst, then Queer

Friday, May 7, 2010, 8:00 pm, Doors open 7:30pm, $6

A five-course meal of experimental video and performance art that is anything but well mannered.

The menu includes:

A cup of tea prepared by Sashenka Lopez

Spooning T: a video that approaches cultural assimilation through traditional practices that encourage self-modification within systems.

A bit of Milk and Honey prepared by Emily Ritz

Honeycomb: a fanciful video of the honeycomb coupled with the slow consumption and regurgitation of rich liquids.

The Main Steak prepared by Jen Beef

Jen Beef: is a video
turn it on
Press Play
“Re-enact American”
take it out.
flip it over(tape).
eat it
FUCK it.

The Ultimate Surrender of your taste buds prepared by Magic Meals

Magic Meals: An outrageous dynamic duo of punk sounds and wailing voices breaking the threshold of queer, glitter and drums!

Surprise Delight prepared by Elan Dia

Elan Dia : is a colorful explosion of poise and guttural talent

Dessert prepared by Mev Luna

Pronouns for Dinner: a performative video about a monster hell bent on consuming pronoun cakes representing the gender spectrum in an attempt to “undo” gender, but in the process becomes “undone” by the commentary from the curator and the mass amount of cake consumed.

So cum and devour the fanciful, unruly and the grotesque…or just cake and bratwurst!