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Through the Eyes of Children

April 1, 2010 - April 30, 2010

Opening Reception Wednesday April 7, 7-10 pm

Adapting to Scarcity ( and IMDEC ( invite you to come look at the world through the eyes of children from the neighborhood of La Huizachera located outside of Guadalajara, MX. These children live along a polluted canal that carries untreated human and industrial waste away from Guadalajara. The state of the canal deeply affects the health of the community. IMDEC, the Mexican Institute for Community Development, has been working weekly with the children in the community to educate them about the environment. They gave digital point-and-shoot cameras to the kids, taught them to use them and have been helping them capture their perspectives and their neighborhood. The phenomenal and moving photos were shot, selected and titled by the children.

The exhibit has traveled throughout Mexico and is accompanied by short videos of the project and the children.

Adapting to Scarcity is a community water rights and media empowerment project designed to support Guadalajara’s citizen movements for environmental justice and access to clean water, and to enhance its impact, visibility and synergy with other water rights movements in the world.

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