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Experiments in Cinema Film Festival

Thursday, November 12, 2009, 8:00 pm, $6

Bryan Konefsky
Bryan Konefsky

Experiments in Cinema film festival (a Basement Films production – now in it’s 5th year) is designed to bring the international community of cinematic experimentalists to New Mexico and to expand our statewide conversation about movie making to include alternative cinematic histories. That is, As New Mexico imagines it’s future as a new media center, it is our civic responsibility as media makers, educators and movie fans to actively participate in, and help direct this sometimes anemic regional dialogue about all things cinematic. To this end it is the mission of Basement Films and Experiments in Cinema to nurture the next generation of movie makers and media theorists top become informed citizens of the world.

Basement Films travels to ATA to screen an international selection of un-dependent cinema from the first 4 years of Experiments in Cinema. This 75 minute program will feature contemporary experimental, underground and un-dependent films from Germany, Japan, Canada, Russia, Panama, China, South Korea, Spain, and, although no one is truly sure why, Texas!


God Bless America by Tadasu Takamine, Japan, TRT 9 min, 2002

Gruppenbild Mit Fahne by Nik Kern, Germany, TRT 3 min, 2004

Establishing Shots by Chris McNamara, Canada, TRT 12 min, 2006

Aria by Brooke Alfaro, Panama, TRT 3.5 min, 2005

Graphit Auf Leinwand by Hanni Welter, Germany, TRT 10 min, 2007

Energie by Thorston Fleisch, Germany, TRT 6 min, 2007

Alone by Gerard Friexes Ribera, Spain, TRT 3 min, 2008

No Silvery Song by Karen Hipscher, New Mexico, TRT 3.5 min, 2007

Icon by Chi Jang Yin, China, TRT 4 min, 2006

Let’s Get Married by Mary Magsamen and Stephen Hillerbrand, Texas, TRT 3.5 min, 2008

Dubus by Alexei Dmitiev, Russia, TRT 4 min, 2005

Latent Sorrow by Shon Kim, South Korea, TRT 3.5 min, 2006

Soft Version by Erik Moskowitz, New York, TRT 3.5 min, 2006

Tale of the Sea’s Dream by Ben Popp, New Mexico, TRT 5 min, 2007

Little Clips by Julie Perini, Portland, TRT 1 min, 2007

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