Artists' Television Access


Bay Area Premiere

Friday, April 3, 2009, 7:00 pm, $6

An evening of short films never before seen in America. Shot on the other side of the blast shields in Iraq’s walled cities, it covers a very different side of the war than is ever seen on American screens.  It reports unembedded from war-torn *Falluja*<>,
from the giant US prison at *Umm Qasr*<>,
from the Mehdi Army stronghold inside *Sadr City*<> —
from the places where mainstream corporate channels can not or will not go. —

A Big Noise Film
followed by a Public Discussion:
How Do We End the Occupation.


Carl Davison, organizer with Iraq Veterans Against the War, served in the Marines and the Army, and refused deployment to Iraq.
Antonia Juhasz, analyst, activist, author of Tyrany of Oil; The World’s Most Powerful Industry–and What We Must Do to Stop It
Rick Rowley, Big Noise film maker recently returned for Iraq.

Sponsored by Courage to Resist, Bay Area Iraq Veterans Against the War, & Unconventional Action in the Bay.

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