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KIT-High Places-Breezy Days Band-Bay/Oslo Double Trio

Presented by: Club sandwich

Wednesday, January 23, 2008, 8:00 pm, $6

Foursome of pop experimental verve, Oakland based, members of other menberships. Dusted magazine says “nothing in the world of KIT stands still. As devilish as it gets, they’re smiling devils.”

High Places
Mary and Rob filter pop through tons of effects and come out with a kaleidescopic fragmentation that feels woozy and wonderful. From Brooklyn, NY.

Breezy Days Band
Highly structured and falling apart Bay Are guitar/guitar/drum trio.

Bay/Oslo Double Trio
Free improv. Two guitar/bass/drum trios contained in one group, featuring musicians from the SF Bay Area and Oslo, Norway. Members of Gowns, Caroliner, Art Directors, etc.
drums: Corey Fogel & Jacob Felix Heule
bass: Tony Dryer & Guro Moe
guitar: Ava Mendoza & Håvard Skaset

on Wendsday January 23rd 2008 KIT took off their 5 hats (3 black, and 2 white) and blindfolded Will BREEZY, Yasi DAY’S and Lyal BAND. KIT said “You can play tonight if any one of you can calculate the color of hat that is being worn.” KIT removed the BREEZY blind- DAY’S folds BAND, and we could see we were in a line, very close. Will BREEZY looked at Yasi DAY’S head-back, who in turn was looking at Lyal BAND’s head-back. We put our heads together, nose-to-hair: Will said “I can see both your hats, but I can’t calculate it, I’m sorry, fellows.” Yasi said “You’re too good, K.I.T.” Lyal, who saw least, said “I got it!” BAND.

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