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music by the eyeful presents:

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Saturday, July 14, 2007, 8:00 pm, $6-

music by the eyeful

Night of films by David Michalak and stories narrated by Dean Santomieri, with live music by Dean and violinist Angela Hsu. Special guest Bob Marsh will read the DADA poem “Seahorses and Flying Fish” by Hugo Ball with Man Ray’s Return to Reason projected.

About the Artists

David Michalak is celebrating over 35 years of independent filmmaking as well as performing in his bands REEL CHANGE, Ghost in the House and the duo, Doctor Bob. This performance will feature The Spoken Word and other films that borrow their dialogue from phone messages, “How To”, Instructional or other spoken word recordings. As Robert Taylor (Tribune) writes: “The Spoken Word” is an ingenious and often hilarious 22 minute satire of one family’s addiction to the platitudes of canned advice. Mom is lip-synching ideas from “How To Give A Perfect Dinner Party.” Dad is going through the agony of “How To Quit Smoking Without Will Power” while Bobby is in his room buried under punk rock albums, taping a confession from “The Drug Scene and Youth.” In 20 years we may look back at “Shirley MacLaine’s Inner Workout” with similar amusement.”

Dean Santomieri is a writer, musician and video-maker. His performances usually include narration, electro-acoustic music, and video. His video Twin, a send up of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, was screened in festivals around the world. Angela Hsu is an orchestral, chamber and freelance musician, who is now involved in avant-garde, experimental and improvisatory musics. Dean Santomieri will present stories and videos based on his dreams, with music by Dean and violinist Angela Hsu.

Bob Marsh is a well seasoned improviser whose work has involved shaping sounds words images ideas. He currently leads or directs String Theory, a string ensemble focusing on textures and microtonics; the Che Guevarra Memorial Marching (and Stationary) Accordion Band, structured and free improv for six to fifteen accordions; Robot Martians, electronics and processed voice; the Out of the Blue Chamber Ensemble, a mixture of reeds and strings; Opera Viva, voiced physical theater; the Quintessentials, a quintet specializing in interpreting graphic compositions based on alterations to the Michelin Road Guide to France; and the Illuminated Orchestra, structured improves for large ensemble.


About Music by the Eyeful

This is the fourth in a spontaneous series of concerts featuring inventions in visual audio , exploring the moving boundaries between music, film, optics, graphics, loops and reels, guest curated by Suki O’Kane, musician and curator of The Illuminated Corridor.


About the Corridor
The Illuminated Corridor is a next step in outdoor cinema: a nomadic public art installation that creates site-specific illumination of public space, drawing on local traditions of film and live music.

Launched in the Summer of 2005 by a collaboration of over 60 Bay Area filmmakers, media artists, sound artists and musicians, the Illuminated Corridor catalyzes new work, showcases diverse collaborations between performative projectionists and performing artists, and covers a vast territory of film and music genres.

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