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An evening with Torsten Kretchzmar & Moped

Friday, September 30, 2005, 9:00 pm, $5

Torsten Kretchzmar

         Torsten Kretchzmar the German electro pop performer is described as the love child of Kraftwerk and Sprockets and is now bringing you the next best German word since Fahrvergnügen with his project “Entschlossenheit”. His lyrics are interpreted by the abstract dance artist Tanner Coleman Stewart.
         Torsten Kretchzmar rocks the soft-spoken, androgynous artist to a tee in this excellent techno concept project. With a dead-pan behind-the-scenes documentary and videos complete with Oskar Schlemmer-esque dance moves and over-the-top filters, it’s not only solidly catchy, teutonic music, but a completely fun and inspiring Gesamtkunstwerk. At the ATA he will present his DVD Entschlossenheit in a live mutlimedia show with a special perfromance of “Dunkelheit” and “Feuchtigkeit”!

          Fearing that the tagline “live electronica” has become a catch-all for any knob-twiddler attempting to incorporate an actual synthesizer into his or her set, Mission District multimedia trio Moped prefer to call a spade a spade. In this case (real-) live 
instrumentation and laptop-generated soundscapes compliment the oddball visuals of video wizard Cripes! in creating an AV feast to shake your booty to.
          Blending hip-hop, Progression Sessions-minded jazz’n’bass, and the improvisatory spirit of –dare I say– a jam band (think Soundtribe Sector 9), Moped’s eclecticism plays to the genre-hopping music lover in us all.

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