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Oil Curse

Amnesty international screening

Thursday, August 18, 2005, 8:00 pm, $5

amnesty international


It’s in our clothes, our laundry detergent, our toothpaste, cosmetics, furniture, contact lenses and office supplies. It’s in our telephones, CDs, tennis rackets, painkillers and plastic. Oil doesn’t just fuel our cars – it fuels modern life. Continuing instability in the Middle East means a shaky future for the steady flow of oil on which Americans
depend so heavily. Factor in Western nations’ insatiable power needs and the energy demands of huge, growing economies like China’s, when the world’s reserves of easily accessible “black gold” are already strained, and the oil industry finds itself forced to enter uncharted terrain. Where will tomorrow’s oil come from? And how far are we
willing to go to get it?

“Oil Curse” is a documentary which shows the impacts of ChevronTexaco’s oil operations on native communities in Ecuador and Angola. It is part of a series on Global Oil Operations…from Ecuador to Alaska .


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