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Mission Creek Music Festival

Wednesday, June 8, 2005, 7:30 pm, $6

Torment 6/8/05

Bleepity Bloop Bloop.  Mission Creek Music Festival teams up with filmmaker Danny Plotnick for the second consecutive year to bring you an evening of music-based & films videos.  Most of the films on the bill are locally produced, showcasing the Bay Area’s unique brand of musical and filmic derangement. 

On the docket are:

Derek Shybell’s What Is Circuit Bending?, a short documentary on the phenomenon of circuit bending, whose practitioners jerry-rig circuit boards of children’s toys, appliances, and musical instruments to create new and unexpected sounds.

Rock Ross’ Psycho Porpoise, a scratch animation in which Ross’ celluloid etchings serve to booglerize the film’s optical soundtrack beyond belief.

Eats Tapes’ seizure-inducing, retinally-scorching video for Ptery D. directed by Nate Boyce.

Three video remixes by The T.V. Sheriff.  Match Game PM, Spanish Language Television, and Sammy Davis Jr. all get sonic and visual makeovers as the beats-per-minute and edits-per-second reach land speed records in these amphetamine-laced t.v. pastiches.

Classic visions of dementia from the vaults of  The Cryptic Corporation featuring Yello’s The Evening’s Young directed by Dieter Meier, and the Residents/Renaldo and the Loaf collaboration Songs For Swinging Larvae directed by Graeme Whifler.

Sexy dance videos from from Hey Willpower , Mutilated Mannequins and “Strip Mall Glass,” a video for Veronica Lipgloss and the Evil Eyes directed by Justin Kelly.

Animated rap damage for Gold Chains’ Nada directed by Ruben Fleischer in cooperation with MusorkVision.

Minimalist manifestations from The Numbers directed by Orthlorng Sue.

Rodney Ascher‘s never-aired pilot for a major TV network—an animated autobiography of one of rock’s most notorious personalities.  We’d tell you what network and what personality, but they might sue us.

Audio and found footage collage from England’s People Like Us.

A Hieronymus Bosch animated bloodbath courtesy of Buckethead, directed by Syd Garon & Eric Henry.

A sneak preview of the forthcoming Camper Van Beethoven dvd. Screening tonight will be five dogme inspired films and videos from their New Roman Times cd, including a world premiere from director Teddi Dean Bennett.

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