Artists' Television Access


Short Format Hour @ ATA

Friday, February 18, 2005, 8:00 pm, $3

See fresh perspectives and formula shattering techniques in film and video art from the Bay Area and beyond!

One hour of shorts are accepted monthly on an open revolving basis, and the refreshments are darn good.


$3, FREE admission for exhibitors.

Door, Bar: 7:30pm
Projector: 8pm

PROGRAM (to date): works by


chris bennet
david cammack
terence healy
chris lynn
radim labuda
shota tanimoto


* CUE and LABEL all tapes w/ name, contact, title and length.
* Mail dubs to: “openscreening” 992 Valencia SF 94110.                                                          

* 1-2 week advance submissions strongly recommended.
* Email inquiries do not guarantee a space. Tapes do.
* Max trt: 20m
* DVD, miniDV/DVcam, sVHS, sm beta, 8mm and 16mm
* All genres. Student, “in progress”, and segments welcome.
 contact  [email protected].

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