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DAISIES by Vera Chytilova

Friday, November 5, 2004, 8:00 pm

presented by: The ladeez of CUNextTuesday

Two girls named Marie see the world around them to be inhabited by a spoiled society. The Maries decide they should be given such allowances and embark on a rebellious streak of what seem to be harmless pranks. However, each of the moves is loaded with consequences that soon snowball into serious trouble. This freewheeling 1966 gem of the Czech New Wave is an attack on consumerism and materialism as well as many other aspects the male dominated society of the time. Director Vera Chytilova weaves together this absurdist allegorical work by avoiding a common narrative structure. Instead DAISIES fills the screen with surreal comedy and unforgettable images of ranging misguided youthful protest to serious political commentary. 74 minutes

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Shy Grrrl
by local filmmaker, Lori Rillera
This short was produced in a Silence Speaks digital storytelling workshop, a program of the Bay Area-based media training and production resource center Third World Majority. In Lori’s Story, a Filipina reminisces about the abuse she has suffered at the hands of relatives and employers over the years and how she has taken control of her own life.

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