Artists' Television Access

Open Screening

Friday, June 27, 2003, 7:30 pm, $4

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ATA’s monthly underground video show welcomes short format work or segments (20 min or less) from all genres. All entries MUST be received by 7PM on show night, cued and labeled, to be considered. Space is limited!

PROGRAM to Date:

Rod Laughridge                        “Karen”                                     

Peter Kirby                              “Skating ‘n Things”                              

John Slattery                             “untitled”                                 

Mike Missiaen                          “untitled”                                 

Aaron Valdez                           “various”                                 

Doug Pound                             “various”                                 

John Szabo                               “Sea Monkeys”

7pm: door, bar
7:30: preshow w/ ATV
8pm: projector

$4-sliding; artists; FREE
donation bar

* mail dubs to: “openscreening/meg”, 992 Valencia SF, CA 94110
*1-2 weekd advance submissions strongly recommended
* next show Friday, July 25th!
(& 4th Fridays @ ATA)

To reserve ahead of time, or get more info, contact Meg at [email protected] or call 824-3890.

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