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Shorts by Bridget Irish and Bryan Connolly

Thursday, June 19, 2003, 8:00 pm, $5

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Join us for an evening of films and videos with these visiting Northwest filmmakers:

BRIDGET IRISH will be moonlighting tonight from tour – projecting films with Olympia band Liarbird – to screen shorts from her collection of work in Super 8, 16mm, and video. From the weight of anxiety to the feather-light elation of climbing altitude, this hour-long program includes site and experience portraits made in Olympia and San Francisco – such as: Shot at Bernie’s Garage (16mm, b&w, with song by Liarbird, 3 mins) and SFO (Super 8, color, soundtrack by Growing, 20 mins) – with performative video pieces involving snapping dogs and pushing heavy furniture, naked, up a flight of
narrow stairs…

BRYAN CONNOLLY will be premiering his made-for-t.v. pilot show to the Bay Area: Detective Eddie Morris doesn’t mess around when it comes to solving a murder.  He won’t leave the scene until all the cards have been played. Detective Perkins knows how to file and he does it with a cat-like skill. Detective Delores makes a cup of joe so mean, even a hardened criminal can’t stomach it. Together these three will stop at nothing to show that crime doesn’t pay in THE SAVAGE PLACE. (2002: DV, color, sound, 22 Minutes) Rated G.


Bridget Irish, an Olympia-based artist, studied at The Evergreen State
College (BA) and SFAI (MFA), returning to her hometown from San Francisco in 1999. She performs and exhibits solo and collaboratively (as with Kathryn Williamson; Dr Frockrocket; and B.C.), as well as screening her own and others’ work in moving image, locally and nationally. Bridget organized, curated and presented film/video programs for such festivals as: Ladyfest Olympia (also performance art/spoken word; 2000), Progression Project One (BSU, ID), and Homo-A-GoGo (Olympia, 2002). Currently, she is developing : a poly-feminist/visual culture critique net-zine and curatorial-exhibition project for moving image and performance/art by queer, het and gender-variant gals.

Bridget may be contacted at [email protected] .

Bryan Connolly, transplanted to the Northwest from Long Island at the tender age of 4, and a graduate of Humpty Dumpty Preschool in Tacoma, WA, is an Olympia-based narrative filmmaker. Bryan has been writing scripts, acting and directing films since the age of 14. He founded the first film club at his high school and completed his first feature-length film – THE GREAT AMERICAN DISEASE – before his 21st birthday. This fall, he will be co-curating/hosting the Olympia Film Festival’s marathon event – All Freakin’ Night – for the fourth year, with sometimes writing partner, Zack Carlson.

Bryan may be reached at [email protected]

Both filmmakers have screened work at the Olympia Film Festival and recently in Seattle’s Emerald Reels’ Satellites 2003 – North Meets South.

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