Artists' Television Access



Friday, October 11, 2002, 8:00 pm, $5

A collection of innovative audio visual works, ranging from motion graphics, animation and film, to music video, alternative documentary, and generative video art,  curated by systemsoular (new media collective)


‘crude’ | johnny deKam | NY, US
‘’ | tddy | Porto, PT
‘areocoagulum’ n ‘FINN the movie’ | GMUNK | NYC, US
‘passion prefix’ | torsten lauschmann, music by pro forma | Scotland
‘mountain whispers’ | stephen connolly | NJ, US
‘seashell’ | systemsoular, music by keith rondinelli | NYC, US
‘comin to get you’ | david k, music by tulip sweet and her trail of tears | Brooklyn, US
‘cereus giganteus’ n ‘life program’| naoism | Tucson, US
Guerrilla News Network | Stephen Marshall | US
“ammo for the info warrior”
-‘countdown’ narrated by ralph nader, music by adrock
-‘when the smoke clears’ with slam poet Talam Acey Presenting artists from all over the globe, DYAD, NAOISM, EKLEKTRO, PURE, and other special guests

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