Artists' Television Access

Ryan Schrinel, 1974

June 1, 2021 - June 30, 2015

My heart aligns and I am mindfully making art. 7x7x7 in a 49 square grid.
The sculptural color-field records a durational and creative meditation. I sit above a bustling Mission Street, my spirit sourcing a space of boundless energy, as I witness one form pouring into the next. I am grateful, so, I create these offerings for you.

Though, in the air I exist. A strewing of thoughts, anxieties, and dreams; tangled together in madness and beauty. Notions churning as my feet touch the floor. My head shifting, back and forth, connecting and attaching, coming and going, chaos lining every corner. The strings cross again and again and again. I continue to search for emptiness, but here and now, I reflect my reality.

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