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Ella Noe & Hien Huynh

March 1, 2020 - March 31, 2020

Ella (visual artist) and Hien (movement artist) engage in weekly conversation of the intersection and integration of art practices, philosophy, spirituality, celestial bodies, intentionality, cultural history, family history, dreams, and nightmares.

Through their exchanges and conversation they wonder what arises and manifests in the in-between, the under-neaths, how do we access and share. 

Through the ATA Window Gallery, Ella and Hien will perform for 4 accumulating evenings in March 2020. These series of sharings offers both visual and kinetic space where the viewer is invited to witness a live conversation of movement and visual arts in a container. We wonder what echoes and emanate waves beyond the walls.

Performance Dates:

March 04 7:30pm

March TBD

March TBD

March TBD

For more information look up Hien Huynh at or follow him on Instagram:  @__.hien 

For more information look up Ella Noe at or follow her on Instagram: @ellanoeart

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