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DAVID COX: TRAUM EUROPA + LASLEY + RHODY/SMITH + The second half of our Neo-Geo double-header is all about the world-at-LARGE, with a dozen expansive cine-essays, ranging from the Sri Lanka civil war to Texas-toasted digital dystopias. Mission maestro David Cox anchors the evening with his exploded-tabletop live-triagrammed Traum Europa, an enacted micro/meta-history of Europe‘s shifting relations of Nation and Identity. Closer to home, tho still Great Plains-otherworldly, Justin Rhody and Abby Smith are here in person, back from… Read more »

Tripwire Series: Safaa Fathy, poet and filmmaker in person

The Poetry Center’s Tripwire Cross-Cultural Poetics Series welcomes poet and filmmaker Safaa Fathy, presenting her work in both poetry and film, and joining in conversation with her audience. This rare appearance by the Egyptian-born artist, visiting from her home in France, is presented with our gratitude to UK and US publishers Pamenar Press (Ghazal Mozadeq) and Litmus Press… Read more »

Mazza Writer in Residence Priscilla Wathington with Colette Ghunim and Sara Maamouri

The Poetry Center presents Mazza Writer in Residence Priscilla Wathington, reading her poetry that draws from her experiences as a Palestinian American and her past human rights advocacy work with local Palestinian organizations, and joining in conversation with filmmakers Colette Ghunim and Sara Maamouri. Their work-in-progress film Traces of Home (2024), explores the impact of having to leave one’s homeplace (Palestine and… Read more »