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BRECKE + MCCORMICK + RIVERS + U5 Local hero Mark Brecke introduces an exquisite exemplar of his enormously ambitious, planet- spanning quest, Somalia in the Picture. He shares the back-story of that country’s founding father, then to the fate of the tragically lost internationally epic that would narrate that history. From Spokane, Matt McCormick sends in his Deepest Hole, on the Cold War contest to dig… Read more »

Home Movie Day

Home Movie Day is a celebration of amateur films and filmmaking held annually at venues worldwide. Home Movie Day events provide the opportunity for individuals and families to see and share their own home movies with an audience of their community. It’s a chance to discover why these films are important and to learn how… Read more »

CROSSROADS at The Roxie Theater

In the Distance SHOWTIMES / BUY TICKETSOctober 16 only @ 1:30 PM This program interweaves films on psychogeographic drift and street actions from tumultuous 2020 with exquisite and lyrical landscape studies, expressions of hauntings and lyrical, gothic horror. Program includes Linda Scobie’s The Pendulum (2021), an ecstatic and percussive film presented in 16mm, and the west coast premiere… Read more »

Other Cinema->Psycho Geography 2

FINLEY’S BEYOND THE COSMODROME + MUSE + Re-starting our season-series on the Sensibility of Place, esteemed San Fran cineaste Jeanne Finley personally introduces her hour-long essay, interweaving a poignant group portrait of nine Kazakh orphans coming of age in the shadow of a nearby Cosmodrome. Herself a mother of a Kazakhadoptee, Finley conjures a complex yet lyrical sense of space and time from the majestic… Read more »


DAVIS/CHURCHILL + VARGA + 99 HOOKER+ On Saturday October 2nd, ATA Gallery’s Other Cinema presents FLUTTER AND WOW, the second installment of our Optronica couplet, showcasing Live A/V acts that create sound-image hybrids in real time! Headlining is the alchemical magick of projection-artist John Davis and process-guitarist Josh Churchill, in a 20-minute finale called Night Country. All the way from New York City is the video performance… Read more »