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Saturday, April 13, 2024, 8:00 pm, classic-editor, classic-editor,


The first of two Psycho-Geo shows sports a sterling roster of amazing SF makers, both young and old(er). In-person are Danny PlotnickDana SmithRuss Forster, and Bill Daniel…all sho’ nuff art-gods walking among us! The opening half is mostly about turn-of-the-(new)-century action with a massive Mission School presence, from prodigal son Daniel‘s Quake Scam, to Margaret Kilgallen and Twist taggin’ train cars, to Rigo throwing up SOMA billboards, and to Angerame‘s SFAI (RIP)–where many of us on this program met. Russ Forster‘s banjo-busking and William Wiley‘s billboard-art (Void—now at SFO) open the evening, and the first half is closed by Sam Green/Christian Bruno‘s Pie Fight ’69 reconstruction, just 11 days before its subject, the SF Int. Film Fest, initiates its next iteration! The second half is hand-picked from a parade of Frisco decades, from the ’76 Market Street memento mori Stolen Movie (Baldwin), to the ’85 49ers Super Bowl, to the 90s Meet the Realtors (Whispered Media), to the Aughts’ Lombard Luchadores (Gorrell), to the 20-teens’ Mission Miracle Mile (Smith), to the 2023 Elevator to Stardom (Plotnick). Come early for Waymo burnings, free postcards, and Gilbert’Shapeshifters beer, AND Bill Daniel‘s West Coast launch of his new Mostly True zine! $11

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