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J. Lee “D Eye Wire”

June 2, 2021 - June 30, 2021, block-editor

ATA Window Gallery Presents:
J. Lee, D Eye Wire
A Mobile Landscape

D Eye Wire is created with plaster, light,  metal hoops, wire and screen. Most materials were found and recycled and are from Community Thrift Store and Building Resources.

J. Lee is a long time San Francisco multimedia artist and musician. He is a painter, sculptor, guitarist/songwriter/bandleader of the Rabbles, experimental music composer and modular synthesist.

D Eye Wire is a concert of orbital motion which aims at hypnosis and the slowing down of time.. Modulating screen patterns, white circles and accompanying internal and external shadows create a soothing harmony and meditative dance. Lines between objects are blurred into a whole landscape. A minimalist light show is built into the composition as lamps turn on and off over the night hours providing different shadows and eye op effects.

For more info visit @captjrab on IG

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