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Sunday, March 15, 2020, 8:00 pm

Zer (Germany/Turkey, 113 min) Kurdish and Turkish with English subtitles

Jan, a young man who has grown up in New York, is moved by a song that his grandmother sings to him on her deathbed. She tells him about a recurring nightmare that she experienced as a child in a terrible massacre. After her death, Jan travels to Kurdistan, searching for the truth behind the song she sang. His journey takes him deep into his own unknown heritage, revealing sad, violently hidden truths and the importance of what his grandmother has left behind. An enigmatic, lyrical and moving meditation on the scars of a troubled region with a beautiful cinematography and mystical undertones.


Kazım Öz is an award winning Kurdish director, scriptwriter and producer. His other films include: Fotoğraf (Photograph) (2002), D û r (Distant) (2005), Bahoz (The Storm) (2008), Demsala Dawi: Şwaxan (Last Season, Shawaks) (2010), He B û Tune B û (Once Upon A Time ) (2014), Beyaz Çınar (The White Sycamore) 2016.

The Bay Area Mesopotamia Solidarity Committee was formed as an effort to accompany, organize and act in solidarity with the struggling peoples of the Mesopotamia. As a group, while having diverse ideologies, we share the common goal of total freedom: we are both anti-capitalists and anti-fascists. We understand the fight against capitalism and authoritarianism as global, and as a means for a borderless and classless world, we wish to act internationally, alongside all those who are waging this struggle.

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