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The Unnamed Footage Festival RECALIBRATION PARTY

Thursday, February 27, 2020, 7:00 pm

The Unnamed Footage Festival RECALIBRATION PARTY returns to the ATA for another night of handheld first-person insanity. Usher in the 2020 edition of the festival with a double feature of haunted house handycam fragments in FEAR FOOTAGE 1 & 2. Shot from the perspective a deputy’s bodycam, a child with a home video camera, and storm chasers documenting their hunt, FEAR FOOTAGE 1 presents the audience with a scrap of evidence of unknown horrors. That evidence leads to more of the bizarre in FEAR FOOTAGE 2. When the tapes are mysteriously leaked to the public, thousands are exposed to the horrors. For one man, these video fragments raise an entirely new set of questions that he cannot leave unanswered. The Unnamed Footage Festival is a 4-day Bay Area event dedicated to showcasing rare and underground films in the niche genre of First Person Cinema. This includes found footage horror, first person POV film, and faux-documentary. We open the event every year with a RECALIBRATION PARTY, where we welcome you to join us for a complimentary beer and to get your brain aligned for a weekend of madness.”

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