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Friday, January 24, 2020, 8:00 pm, $7-$10

Restored and Revised Version of an Experimental Feature Film Never Before Screened Publicly!

Mixing elements of narrative, experimental, pseudo-documentary and essayist cinema, Sophisticated Acquaintance tells the story of a tormented individual whose short life and long death were affected by a great many factors. Klaus Mann (John Gross), a present-day Philadelphia avatar of the real-life European author of Mephisto, lives in the shadow of his father, the eminent intellectual, novelist and Nobel Laureate Thomas Mann (Ernst Hohmann). When Klaus pens a controversial essay on “revolutionary suicide” and then acts on it, in protest of the world’s selfishness, a group of his contemporaries speak up in filmed interviews about what led him down that path. It is a film about the creative process, the tragic depiction of a strained father-son relationship and, most of all, it is a film about individuality, Daniel Kremer (2007/2016), 75 minutes / Color/B&W.

Promo quotes: “Sophisticated Acquaintance is my favorite Daniel Kremer film. Considering his young but already distinguished career, that is really saying something. It’s smart, well-performed and innovative, and lets you know that, as a filmmaker, he is for real. He makes films right now and out of thin air. While others try to raise money for a film and complain, Kremer raises a few dollars, makes two films, writes a book and gives thanks. He’s unstoppable…and on his way up!” -Rob Nilsson, American Independent Film Icon

“Daniel Kremer does not lack for ambition, persistence, bravery, and talent, and his work deserves a wider audience.” -Michael Fox, KQED/NPR

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