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Other Cinema: AVANT TO LIVE

Saturday, December 21, 2019, 8:30 pm, $9

A sensational season-ender that honors radical expression and innovative film form, the program tonight promises a veritable tsunami of cinema initiatives (18!). Portland prodigy Carl Diehl bestows on us the first-peek at his magician-uncle ode Misdirections, whilst Bryan Boyce rushes in from El Cerrito with his latest Fake But True beauty. Specially spotlit is a raft of brill hand-rolled works by Winnipeg’s Rhayne Vermette! Two other Canadians also figure prominently–Matt Soar (Naked Launch) and Frederic Moffet (Horsey), while Andre Perkowski (Nixon Sings the Blues) and Montgomery Cantsin (SCREAMINGLY!) bring the news/noise from LA. Additional Coast debuts come from Peggy Ahwesh (The Falling Sky), Roger Deutsch (My Echo, My Shadow, and Me), Kent Lambert (Reckoning 7), Jenny Stark (Standing on Fishes), and Brittany Gravely (her 16mmAstrology). ALSO Jay Rosenblatt’s When You AwakeAnton Astudillo’s Almargen,Saifey Maynor’s Starring in a Student Production,Pyscho Gnostic’s Lithium Nuke Magick, and more! Free pencils and fruitcake!! *$9

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