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[email protected]: an evening with Kerry Laitala & friends

Sunday, November 24, 2019, 8:00 pm, $7-$10

ATA is proud  to present a selection of works from one of our favorite local artist Kerry Laitala accompanied by friends.

The San Francisco-based filmmaker Kerry Laitala is unquestionably one of the most inventive and original experimental filmmakers today. An expert in optical printing, D.I.Y practices, such as photogram and hand processing techniques, she utilizes these processes (among others) to re-shape ‘found’ materials into 16mm & 35mm handcrafted short films that embody and celebrate the phenomenon of motion pictures that made the early cinema going experience awe-inspiring. Inspired by avant-garde filmmakers like Phil Solomon and Paul Sharits, her work conveys a similar connection to the materials, but with a more unhinged sense of decay, and her works utilize hybrid strategies. Over the past decade her award winning films have played at venues in the U.S. such as the Whitney in New York and the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh and at festivals like Sundance, SF International and the New York International film festival (“Views from the Avant-Garde”) – . European venues such as The Tate Moderne and the Cinematheque Francaise have screened her work, as have festivals in Edinburgh, Rotterdam, Osnabrück (, Stuttgart and Helsinki’s Avanto festival. 


Eye of the Maelstrom, sound by experimental composer/musicians The Atchleys, 16mm dual projection – 16 minutes

Proxima, sound by experimental composer/musicians The Atchleys, 16mm dual projection- 8 minutes

Fly EYE Fire, expanded cinema with 16mm dual projection-5 minutes

Figments in Film, 8 minutes

Conjuror’s Box- 5 minutes

Knee Jerk- 5.5 minutes

Hallowed- 7 minutes

Untitled W.I.P. expanded cinema with 16 & 8mm dual projection-7 minutes

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