Artists' Television Access

[email protected]: genii memoriam

Friday, November 1, 2019, 8:00 pm, $7-$10

Come witness! Thingamajigs Performance Group do genii memoriam at ATA. All saints proceed on el Día de los Muertos, a subtle material and various signatures to the air: environmental, musical, electronic and vocal, shifting states, drawing and altering perceptions of the performers and places.  Bodies, gestures, field notes, screens, walls, and the aggregate thingamajigs are elements in a schematic and an ephemeral architecture that is evocative of transformational forces emanating from memory, an awareness of time.

About TPG
TPG (Dylan Bolles, Keith Evans, Suki O’Kane and Edward Schocker) is a sound-based ensemble working co-creatively in a variety of media and with a wide array of local and international artists. Formed in 2008 from longtime Thingamajigs contributors, TPG continues to seek new ground in durational performance, alternate tuning, performative cinema, group and open compositional formats, inter-disciplinary and inter-cultural collaboration, and site-work.

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