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Periwinkle Cinema: The Owls

Wednesday, October 16, 2019, 8:00 pm, $7-$10

Pioneering feminist filmmaker Cheryl Dunye directed this
independent drama about four women struggling to make sense of
their past and live down one particular evening. Iris (Guinevere
Turner) and M.J. (V.S. Brodie) are a Lesbian couple who live in Los
Angeles, while their friends Lily (Lisa Gornick) and Carol (Cheryl
Dunye) are another couple with a home nearby. Iris, M.J. and Lily
were all members of a once-successful all-female rock band, but now
that they’re middle aged, they’re in an uncomfortable position where
they feel culture and politics are passing them by while a new
generation of women is hardly aware of the struggles of the 1960s,
70s and 80s. A year before, the two couples were at Iris and M.J.’s
house for a party when a younger guest, Cricket (Deak Evgenikos),
got into a drunken argument; the cross words turned into a fight, and
Cricket was accidentally killed. The four women buried Cricket’s body
and have been keeping the matter a secret, though fliers posted by
Cricket’s friends suggest they’re still looking for her. One evening, a
strong, androgynous young woman named Skye (Skyler Cooper)
pays a visit to Lily and Carol’s home, and Carol, clearly attracted, lets
her in even though they’ve never met. However, Carol soon realizes
she’s made a mistake — Skye clearly believes Carol knows
something about Cricket’s disappearance, and isn’t about to leave
until the finds out the truth. The Owls (the title is meant to be an
acronym for “Older, Wiser Lesbians”) was an official selection at the
2010 Berlin International Film Festival.

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