Artists' Television Access

Other Cinema: PSYCHO-GEO2

Saturday, October 12, 2019, 8:30 pm, $7.77

Our second LOCUS FOCUS is plotted out along three axes. Mark Street returns from NY with his 100 Sides of a Sphere book-launch and a few new movies: After the gloriously granular revival of his 16mmWinter Wheat, he unspools a sneak peak at Work Songs (inspired by StudsTerkel) and premieres Morning, Noon, Night; Water, Land, and Sky, on the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The program’s 2nd component is a bundle of briefs on the “Nuclear West”, anchored by (in person) Glenna Cole Allee’s Hanford Reach, a cautionary montage on the most toxic plutonium dump in North AmericaGlenna’s landscape is extended south to the Trinity Site by Georg Koszulinski’s New Mexico Death Wish Diatribe (world premiere), and even to the Mexican frontier by Laura Poitras’Triple Chaser (narr. David Byrne), on the sleazy dealer whose weapons are used against the refugees on the desert border. Our 3rd vector points to famously failed DetroitPaul Echeverria’s GlitchtownDustin Dehah’s God Is an Artist (on Shephard Fairey’s mural), and an exc. from Sabine Gruffat’s I Have Always Been a Dreamer. Come early for Sharon Trahan’s space-time samples of the SaltonSea! *$7.77

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