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Nolan Jankowski: Sky5

May 1, 2017 - May 31, 2018,

Sky5 is an ongoing project focused on an individual’s recognition of their place under the sky, and the excitement that comes with this affirmation. Sky5 is comprised of the simple act of stopping where you are, looking up, and high fiving the sky you find over head. This action can be performed anywhere by anyone. Like other high fives, Sky5 is performed in celebration, but rather than a moment of grandeur, Sky 5 highlights the intimate moment of recognition under the sky. Sky5 is born of the failure of the action to provide referential sensory information often begot by high fiving another person: the sight (of), the sound (of), and the touch (of). Instead Sky5 provides the individual with the sound of the cars on the street, the wind in between their fingers, and a glimpse of their connection to that which is above.

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