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ATA Window Gallery presents: Plaza 16 Coalition

April 1, 2017 - April 30, 2017

    After years of market rate developments creeping into almost every block of our neighborhood, the Plaza 16 Coalition has come together to oppose the largest market rate development in the history of the Mission District. The 350-unit project proposed for the site at 1979 Mission (southeast corner of 16th and Mission) will further accelerate the already rapid gentrification of our neighborhood and city. We refuse to see more of our neighbors displaced and we refuse to lose any more of our neighborhood culture.

        Plaza 16 Coalition advocates that 1979 Mission be used for much needed affordable housing and community serving businesses in our neighborhood. This neighborhood is our home and we plan to support development  that is for the people of this neighborhood and not for mere  profit.            

    The project proposed by Maximus Real Estate Partners consisting of  three towers and 350 units of luxury housing.  It does not include housing for low-income working-class people.  T he project would drive up rents on apartments and small businesses in the neighborhood,   providing landlords with a strong incentive to push out long-term tenants and small businesses,  More than 8,000 Latino families have already been driven from the Mission, as well as many artists, LGBT people and low-income people, thus threatening the diversity of the neighborhood.  For over three years, more than 100 community organizations and local merchants have opposed this project and the displacement of low and middle-income families.    In 2013 these organizations and merchants coalesced into the Plaza 16 Coalition  to advocate for affordable housing in the Mission and to oppose the largest market-rate development ever proposed for the neighborhood, the development known as the Monster in the Mission.  See our website:


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