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Almost Public/Semi-Exposed III

November 1, 2016 - November 30, 2016

ATA Window Gallery in San Francisco presents Almost-Public/Semi-Exposed III, our third annual month-long festival of installed performance art.Last year’s festival included a wide range of performances including public-intervention, spatial exploration, durational poetry and more which were experienced by thousands of passers-by.

From November 1st – 30th we will host as many performers as possible to turn the ATA Window into an epicenter of constant live performance. Admission is free and easy, just walk on by @ 21st and Valencia.

November 3, 10AM-6PM: “Counting”, Suki O’Kane and Bodil Fox
November 5: “A Ritual“, Casper McEvoy Zomosa & Princess VuVu
November 7, 5-10PM: “Phantom Mariachi”, Balitronica Gomez
November 12, 12PM-6PM: “When the Revolution Comes I Want to be a Housewife“, Stella Fontinella
November 18: “Ashley, Ashley and Ashley“, Melissa Koziebrocki and Manuela Rosso-Brugnach
November 20, 3-6PM: “Plasma Schemata” Marcelle Marais and Hannah Beck
November 21, 12-4PM, 5-9PM: “Shadows of Violence, Echoes of Healing”, Jason Wyman
November 25, 4-9PM: “The Other You“, Claire Bain & Alfred Hernandez
November 26, 12-6PM: “Invisible Weight“, Mirabelle Jones
November 29: “Book Destruction: A Sacrifice
November 30, 4-9PM: “Sterile Embrace”, Maribel Lopez and Nicole Casado

Detailed Schedule:

November 3, 10AM – 6PM
Bodil Fox and Suki O’Kane.A durational duo performance with visual artist Bodil Fox to perform Counting, an artwork in memory of the 40,290 women who died of breast cancer in the United States in 2015. Bodil started the work this year celebrating each woman’s life with beautiful warm-colored sewing threads slowly wound around a piece of wood, one full turn for one woman. We expect to make 20,000 turns during this 8-hour performance, and we realize we might not.The artwork will be finished when 40,290 turns have been completed.
This performance is part of Artists’ Television Access’ Almost Public/Semi-Exposed III, a program dedicated to durational performance art taking place 24 hours a day in the storefront window of ATA’s micro-cinema.
November 5
A Ritual
Casper McEvoy-Zomosa & Princess VuVu.
A living altar to display a spectrum of what is going on politically and at the human level. An altar to provide food for thought.
November 7
The Phantom Mariachi
Balitronica Gomez.
Balitronica Gomez performs as the Phantom Mariachi in a five hour durational performance.

November 12, 12-6pm (performances at 12pm, 2:30pm, 5pm)

When the Revolution Comes I Want to be a Housewife
Stella Fontinella.
As she decodes the stereotype of the housewife, Stella impassions other definitions – “lady of the house” “the home engineer” “mistress of management” – to dismantle and disclose radical independence via the banal. This durational installation tells the story over the course of 6 hours, through three episodic performances and live video interludes.Performer Stella Fontinella is crazy about feminism, social commentary, and magic. She is a persona of artist, Laura Elayne Miller.
November 18
Ashley, Ashley, and Ashley
Melissa Koziebrocki & Manuela Rosso-Brugnach.
In “Ashley, Ashley and Ashley”, Melissa Koziebrocki will score, choreograph, script and inhabit the voices of several female identifying bodies to “call out” passersby through the safety of the window gallery of ATA. These bodies will make a commentary on the current climate of “call out culture” that exists on social media and in many cultural institutions. This confrontational tactic describes what to say when someone says or does something that upholds the oppression of another group. Augusto Boal’s Forum Theatre will be used in order to come up with alternative tactics for resistance. Characters will also be created within the performer’s body that will inhabit a multitude of these ongoing judgements on people’s bodies and politics.
November 20, 3-6PM
Plasma Schemata
Marcelle Marais and Hannah Beck.
Marcelle Marais and Hannah Beck perform a twisted, traumatic, and delicately beautiful piece on domestic violence and emotional intrusions stemming from relationship dynamics. Utilizing the 3-dimensionality of the space as an environment of psychological and physical attachment, they will progressively engage in a tenderly violent dance of sewing themselves to one another and the space in which they are housed.
November 21, 12-4PM; 5-9PM
Shadows of Violence, Echoes of Healing
Jason Wyman.

“Shadows of Violence, Echoes of Healing” is a durational performance installation by mystic Jason Wyman, which seeks to reveal personal acts of harm as a means of collective healing. On Monday, November 21, passersby will be invited to enter a confidential confessional constructed inside the exhibition window at Artist Television Access on Valencia Street to confront a shadow of their self. Unseen by Wyman, participants will be guided by the mystic through a series of prompts inviting them to share a story of a time they recently harmed someone or something and what they did to atone for it. As each story is shared, it will be recorded using voice modulation software to ensure that raw audio captured remains confidential.
Finally, offerings will be made by both participants and the mystic as a means to release harm and cultivate healing.
Outside the window, passersby will be able to watch Wyman’s reactions and hear the layered confessions from people earlier in the day. Additionally, Wyman will be livestreaming the confessional from his perspective as both a critique of our ever increasing surveilled world and its use as tool for bearing witness.
“Shadows of Violence, Echoes of Healing” dances between the personal and the public, harm and healing, anonymity and transparency to reveal the complicated and interwoven ways violence is ever-present.
November 25, 4-9PM
The Other You
Claire Bain and Alfred Hernandez.
A gesture can contain the DNA of an entire persona. From a gait, a life story is told. We will inhabit the ATA window for several hours to perform a marathon of spontaneous character transformations. Not theater improv, this work is what we’ve both been doing for 2 decades: using character/persona/alter ego to get at the things that people are, that people do. To explore what is inherently human vs what is consumed as an idea of who we are, or who we are supposed to be.ATA’s storefront window is advertising architecture along one of the most moneyed commercial strips in this country. When display windows like this contain the human form, the signal is for viewers to consume, to conform to the specific fashion being portrayed. Instructions are being given on how to look, be, buy…Last year we loved thwarting the shopper’s impulse by being well-dressed, friendly non sequitur in the window; this year we will continue by populating the space with a continuous personality parade from afternoon til evening on Black Friday.Claire Bain and Alfred Hernandez are Bay Area artists. They both employ persona, using their bodies as material to create impressions of being and story. They have each shown work at numerous venues, and sometimes collaborate. (Claire Bain) (Alfred Hernandez)
November 26, 12-6pm
Invisible Weight
Mirabelle Jones.
This performance makes apparent the invisible burden placed on the shoulders of survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. Every 109 seconds in the U.S., someone experiences sexual assault. Survivors of rape and sexual assault often elect to not report due to fears of retaliation, fear of police, fear their stories will not be acknowledged as reality, fear the judicial system will favor their perpetrator, fear of family or friend’s finding out, or other many other fears. Many survivors never get the chance to process their experiences, resulting in an invisible weight- a burden they must carry for the rest of their lives, one which they never asked or invited to carry. This performance uses the body as a sculpture making apparent this invisible weight.

Every 109 minutes, a weight will be added to the artist’s body, referencing the fact that every 109 seconds someone in the United States is sexually assaulted. At the same time, a survivor narrative will sound over the loud speaker on to the street. Each survivor narrative is recorded by a sexual assault survivor, who will close their recording with their response to the survivor, offering words of encouragement, hope, strength.

The performance will continue for 6 hours. In the last hour, survivors are encouraged to gather together in front of the window in a show of solidarity and strength.
November 29
Book Destruction: A Sacrifice
November 30, 4-9pm
Sterile Embrace.
Nicole Casado and Maribel Lopez
Cleanse the skin, whiten thy soul, burn to ashes all of your woes. Let thy warm blood flow down the very path of the snow.

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