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Hannah Beck and Nathalie Brilliant performing “Blue PT II: Harmony in Contrast”

May 20, 2016 - May 22, 2016,

Hannah BECK & Nathalie BRILLIANT Performing, BLUE PT II: Harmony in Contrast
@ ATA Window, 992 Valencia St
Saturday, May 21, 2-4pm
Sunday, May 22, TBA
Blue Pt. II: Harmony in Contrast:
This idea came to me when I was sewing a needle point of my nude onto a blue leotard. I was lying in bed next to my partner thinking about a conflict that had arisen between the two of us the day before. Each stitch i made binding my nude to the blue reminded me of the dialogues/misunderstandings leading up to the conflict and the gravity of it all. That day the misunderstandings had felt suspended between us. I continued to lay next to him, sewing my nude to the blue, and then, thought how beautiful it would be to sew on to someone a contrast and they sew a contrast on to me; making a dialogue visible. While this piece was birthed in the midst of residual uncertainty after a conflict, it isn’t necessarily about conflict. Blue Pt. II: Harmony in Contrast is about how we are with each other and how we leave time spent. REMEBER!! Its ALL about LOVE!

Nathalie Brilliant and I, Hannah Beck, will be sewing contrast and showing dialogue accompanied by the wonderous aesthetics of Ravi Shankar.

…. “how we are all tethered to people — sort of like exposing the social network of connection that exists within micro particles and atoms. Atoms exposed — neutrons protons electrons and the force that connects and repels. The string guides me to think of those connections made visual to the naked eye. So something else to maybe think about….”, shared by Nathalie before the first time we performed this piece.

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